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  1. I believe the top time in the 2000cc class for Pra d'Alart is done by a cheater, OneZeroOne. The Impreza S4 is much slower than the Citroen C4, and they are ahead of other WR holders such as Jon Schaeffer. Here are split times to compare with from my own runs. The personal best time is done with Soft tires, and the stage time for that run is with Winter tires. As shown, their times in the Splits 7 and 8 are extremely fast, and in a much faster car I was only faster by the start of the ice by 2s. In split 1 there is a long straightaway before the first corner where I can see the gho
  2. Oh yeah my bad, I knew they used Yokohama but didn't mention the distinction. As for the actual wet compound, I haven't seen it yet either. The tire cuts just seemed to be really crude diagonal cuts across the width of the tire too so I don't think its a proper wet compound, just the drys with cuts. Really looking forward to Spa as well this weekend. That track is a beautiful rallycross track and I'm excited to see some good races on there.
  3. Something of note looking back at ERX is that the Nitro Rallycross tires don't seem to have an option for wet tires? I remember seeing on the broadcast that they were siping the tires on a per team basis but I found that really odd given Cooper offered a wet and a dry package.
  4. I know Pastrana likes to call it rallycross mixed with motocross but at this rate its more like motocross with cars and a joker lap. Literally what's the point of calling it rallycross when tracks are barely 20% tarmac at best? ERX the only tarmac was on the start line and the whole thing was 97% dirt. Might as well just call it circuit rallying now. I'm really trying to give it the benefit of the doubt but I barely have any excitement for the actual races, they're just not interesting to watch.
  5. Some short thoughts on Day 1 ERX: Thank god there's rain and the dust isn't a factor The joker is actually a significant time difference to what I was expecting it to be Wow does the i20 look good The 208 looks like its struggling again on low grip situations? Certainly doesn't seem to be as hooked up as the other few cars are I don't usually think this is the case but a 97% dirt track where the only tarmac is on the start line is just boring Wow does the broadcast ever just drag on and on and on and on Also, I really dislike how the Subarus get all
  6. The Nitro RX instagram page showed a drone footage preview of ERX in Minneapolis and it seems to be 100% dirt. Its very similar to the track used in the previous Off-Road Nationals, seen here. I think there's some modifications for the joker but its not that much different. I'm gonna be honest, I'm really whelmed by this. I get that they want to use the existing track and keep the facilities but part of the appeal for Rallycross is having the mixed surface sections. I think having all dirt just makes the racing less interesting from a strategic and technical POV.
  7. Maybe, but then they're also the biggest of the motorsports company by now in World RX, NRX and ARA, and I'm sure they can spare some people for a weekend esp given none of the weekends intersect currently on the ARA and World RX. Hell EKS JC just finished the doubleheader in Latvia World RX and they were off with twice the number of cars to NRX. ngl I kinda look down on the Subaru team for always spending the most money and using the most resources only to end up 5th and 6th in their "own" event 😆. Nice that they won some races in the last year of ARX but they still let the Drivers champ
  8. I thought Coley definitely had an adjustment period but I think it was partially because DeAnda seemed to take the lead of commentary when outside of the actual race action, whereas previously it was Coley who led the way through all of it. We'll see what the next race brings, but right now I don't have any interest in sitting through an additional 4 hours of dead air through a race weekend when I could just watch the replays after. Still don't understand why Subaru (and VSC) didn't want to participate in World RX this year. The regulation change allowed boxer engines after all so
  9. I disagree, in this episode of Launch Control the narrator actually mentions that they're the largest motorsports program left for Subaru globally. Vermont Sportscar is the technical partner the same way Prodrive was the partner for the Subaru World Rally Team. This to me is 100% factory team. I also remember Lance directly saying that their program is the largest investment Subaru has in motorsports right now as well, but I don't know the episode it was in. During the stream I thought the racing was interesting but looking back on the next day I do think a lot of that
  10. Here's a quick question for you all, which of the current Supercars do you think is the fastest? For me, its probably the Subarus and that's solely because they're the last remaining factory effort left in the game. The latest iteration of the WRXs have fender vents, more rear travel, and some better front aero as well which is evidence of their continued evolutions. I just don't think the other teams have the resources to compete in terms of continued developments. Although, I do think the VW Motorsports Polo probably has the edge on drivability and it has the widest operating window for cond
  11. It was avoidable (and you could see them give each other space in the second final) but it was such a freak occurrence, side by side contact like that very very rarely has the wheels touch on the spokes enough to launch the other car. Anyways, after 5 rounds in I think I have some thoughts on the commentary and production that I want to talk about now. Some good things out of the way first: Smooth production and graphic choices, the scoreboard is easy to display, I like how the Joker lap indicator is merged into a highlighting of the leaderboard name which is slicker but perh
  12. The full litany of things has happened to Johan this year and I don't even know what could possibly happen next. From the replay you can see a slight spark when Johan's car contact Gronholm's as he moves across, so I think what happened was their wheels must've contacted exactly correctly for the spokes to hit each other, which then threw Johan's car off. Excellent drive from Gronholm to take the victory though. Real shame for Ekstrom, he was doing really well in that Ibiza. A solid round for both the Hansens, they seemed to be struggling a bit for the setup but still got solid points from bot
  13. I think we can say that they haven't dipped in management skills; they merged with JC Raceteknik at the start of the year and Joel has been running the team since then. Don't forget, Ekstrom hasn't been involved in the actual race operations of EKS since 2018, in 2019 EKS ran the Monster Energy RX Cartel program and Ekstrom served as a race advisor a few times, and in 2020 EKS was the partner for JC Raceteknik. If anything, they're in a stronger position in terms of management now than in the previous two years. There was an interesting choice in terms of the car development where they r
  14. Its testament to Johan's pace this year that we could just as easily been talking about a Johan clean sweep in all three rounds of TQ and race wins, but his biggest competition this year has been from the car itself. A strange place since EKS JC is a group that is usually very on top of their technical game. I don't think its impossible for Johan to take the championship still but its going to have to take some perfect weekends for him to do so.
  15. Extremely unlikely because that wouldn't explain his time on Mount Kaye Pass Reverse, which at 6:02.866 is more than 30s faster than the R5 WR (at 6:41), the 2000cc WR (6:45), and the Group B AWD WR (at 6:31). And that section of Lysvik is all medium speed turns with trees lining each side and snowbanks with no direct path to take a cut. Just to take a cut means you have to hop the snowbanks, which would rob at least a few seconds from you. Here's all the other dailies he's won this week by very big margins in underpowered cars:
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