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  1. Ulanthorn

    Can't buy few cars as new

    The classic cars are well... old! It's just a nice nuance that the classic cars come used. After a refit and repair there will be no difference to "new" cars, the only difference is the kilometer counter.
  2. Addendum: The problem is solved. The rear light/ brake light issue shows up when there is no deadzone assigned to the brake axis. The brake is always slightly on with no deadzone, even when there is no brake input to the vehicle simulation. A calibration of all controlelr axis and 5% deadzoen to brakes solved the issue. Since some cars use one light for both rear and brake light, it seemed like the rear light was missing.
  3. Problem solved! Issue: Peugeot 205 GTI, Rear light permanently lit, brake lights do not work at all. Method of Reproduction: choose Peugeot 205 GTi go to externel view try to swich lights off apply brake to see missing brake light Platform: PC Steam Build: Win 10 1909 VR Headset used: none Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G-920 + shifter
  4. Problem solved! Issue: Ford Mustang RGT, all rear lights including brake lights lit at all times Method of Reproduction: choose Ford Mustang go to external view Put on/off lights and use Brake pedal. Platform: PC Steam PC Build: Win 10 1909 VR Headset used: none Wheel/Pedals used:Logitech G-920 + H-shifter
  5. Looks like just another reset off all my progress was the only way to get all cars back. But I have to say im currently not very motivated to replaythe spend 166 hours of upgrading my cars in career mode again. A full reset of all racenet data was necessary.
  6. I deinstalled the faulty 1.13 version on April 27 and waited for a patch to the missing cars from deluxe version and steam shop purchases. After that 20h 106 GB download, stil no luck. The starting Cars from version 1.12 in my Team Garage are stil not there. Depspite now featuring a Subaru Legacy, the much more prefered cars like Alpine 110, Audi S1E2, FIAT 131 and Opel Kadett are still missing since 1.13. Steam list says all packs are owned... but none of them shows up in Team Garage. Deinstalled faulty 1.14 again, waiting for 1.15 to fix that problem that was claimed to be fixed in 1.14. But i have to hint out that im slowly losing patience with this issues. 1.14 PC Steam deluxe edition with H2RWD double pack and Opel Kadett C. All cars where properly available in 1.12.
  7. Ulanthorn

    All DLC are gone

    While I can grant no help, I can tell that the same happened to me. But I have not yet reinstalled the whole mess. Im rather waiting for a 1.14 patch because those 110GB need half a day to download.
  8. It is usually much better to use a simple joystick as handbrake. The Logitech Shifter does not use an axis, it acts more just like more buttons. It has an H Layout with Reverse Gear in a Downstick mode. Is is not really suited to be used a sequential Shifter neither. That's better done with the Wheels Shifting paddels. BUT, if you use the H-shifter you can use the paddels for E-brake... that actualyl works well.
  9. Check first if you have not diabled the rendering of the steering wheel. It is an option in the game settings.
  10. It is an issue from the very beginning, it just was not worth to start a thread....but it is and was an issue. NOw the Thread is there and all I can do is agree. its an unecessary restriction, particularly for full Wheel, Pedal, E-brake setups. DiRT Rally also had that that issue. RL I got a Car with Hill assist and manual gearbox since September last year, I also dont like it RL Drove 25 Years without such assists and im not used to have all this limimations now RL neither.
  11. Problem with Team Garage ofter Flat Out DLC and 1.13 update. Cars are disapearing from my Team Garage. Yesterday i noticed that the Audi Quattro S2 was gone, now it's the Opel Kadett, the FIAT 131 and Alpine 110. PC Win10 1909 Resetting all progress as a last resort did do nothing, got all the game credits back, but some cars from Season Packs and bought via Steam are now missing.