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  1. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    Man I’m annoyed. I’ve just found out you can cheat the chicane at Suzuka. I bet you there’s loads doing it too. Code masters need to get on it quick!
  2. KMPkemp

    New update

    Looks promising..
  3. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    My best sector 1 time was a high 29 sec. I can’t take the s bends flat out either. I have to have a small lift for 5 and a big lift in turn 6 otherwise I’m off the road!
  4. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    I really struggled on this to get lower than a 1:38 then I set the steering sensitivity to max and in it changed everything. Got it down to a low 1:36 and think I might get into the 35’s but like you Elimmel I ain’t got the time!
  5. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    Thanks for the video. I had a few attempts while drunk last night and got a 1:38 so getting there. It requires a total change in driving style for me though to drive like the top guys. Going full lock on the steering before you get to the apex of the corner to negate the under steer and then just hope the rear hangs on. Going to take a lot of practice, which I don’t really have time for!
  6. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    Wow 1:34. How is that even possible! Even with a 1:40 I got 10k points so 60k or 70k should be possible which makes the 75 credits outlay okay
  7. KMPkemp

    Japan 0 pi

    So guys what do you reckon a good lap of Suzuka is with 0 pi? I had a quick go and did a 1:40 so I reckon I’ll manage a 1:39. Anyone reckon quicker? I’ve noticed the rear end tends to break away more at 0 pi and that’s really limiting through the medium to high speed corners
  8. KMPkemp

    Newbie Questions

    Firstly I’d turn off assists and spend time playing single races to learn the tracks as that’s really key. My personal experience is that aero isn’t so important and it doesn’t correlate that a typical high downforce track needs more aero. I’m my opinion weight is more important. For example you’ll get a better time in Hungary with more weight points than with more aero points; more weight points gets you out of the corners quicker. Maybe others have a different opinion though
  9. KMPkemp

    IA braking mid corner for no reason

    Now that the “rammers” problem is half-way solved they need to sort out the AI cars. I don’t think anyone has a problem with generally slow AI cars but the problem is they suddenly stop and park at the apex of a corner. I just had a dnf at Bahrain where I smashed into the back of a Merc at the apex of turn 4. It’s a medium speed corner at it was doing maybe 50kmh
  10. KMPkemp

    Esports challenge impossible?

    My 1900 pi car is getting me about a 7.40 at Austin - I’m not going anywhere!
  11. KMPkemp

    Well this looks promising!

    I’ve rarely been sent airborne and in my experience it’s normally slower drivers / cars that do the ramming. So by avoiding that first contact at the start or first corner then it’s then it’s normally all alright after
  12. KMPkemp

    Well this looks promising!

    A lot of people just wanted to do qualis and it’s like it now. It’s like a quali run with traffic (AI cars). There’s no real wheel to wheel racing against a competitor but maybe it’s not a bad thing
  13. KMPkemp

    Well this looks promising!

    I hate those Suzuka S curves for overtaking it’s always risky I save the move for later. It’s tough getting two cars side by side through there
  14. KMPkemp

    Any notable setup impacts in recent update?

    As far as I’ve seen nothing has changed setup wise. Maybe a few tweaks to tracks though; I think there’s now a bigger scrub-off in speed if you cut some corners too much. A bigger cut still earns a speed penalty.
  15. KMPkemp

    Well this looks promising!

    As is with most software developments an imperfect version is released and it gets improved. So far so good from my side