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  1. KMPkemp

    2020 update is here

    I did that once before but totally misjudged it and ended up 3 seconds behind with half a lap to go 🙈
  2. KMPkemp


    I just wrote on another thread. I think it’s a cloud / Game Center issue. The game won’t connect with my profile in the cloud. I had the option of using my local profile instead.
  3. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    Interestingly after updating to iOS 13.5 last night the game briefly worked but only to ask if I wanted to use my cloud profile or the local one. I selected the cloud profile and it wouldn’t work. Since then I get the reconnect error every time. It’s clearly a Game Center profile issue
  4. KMPkemp


    I’m in the same boat! Also tried reinstalling the game and it didn’t help
  5. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    I’m worried the solution is to delete all data from the Game Center and start again. I’ll be annoyed if I have to go from elite 1 back to league 5 or whatever it is!
  6. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    I still can’t play the game. It’s very frustrating!
  7. KMPkemp

    After update game is unplayable

    At 12 seconds looks like both wheels are off the track but I think you’d have got away with it in the old version. It’s a good thing though. The previous track limits were way to generous. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the game finally works for me!
  8. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    I guess they are migrating everything over and it just takes time. Frustrating but a necessary evil. Anyone from Codemasters that could help is probably mega busy! I find it a shame though that they don’t give some information out
  9. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    Okay thanks guys. Seems it’s the new version of the game they’re getting up and running. I just deleted the app and reinstalled and it hasn’t solved the problem
  10. More to the point look at your safety rating! You must be spending most of your time using the car in front as a brake!
  11. KMPkemp

    Game down?

    I haven’t been able to connect for a few hours. Is there a general problem?
  12. KMPkemp

    Gold research box

    I was assuming that once you get them up to level 4 or something then they are actually worth it. Given the cards hardly come along that could take years though!
  13. Interestingly never had the problem
  14. KMPkemp

    Match on PI not Trophies!

    For example here’s the result of a quali duel I just did. As I won I don’t know if the guy messed up badly but I don’t think he did and apart from gaining on me down the straight in Shanghai he was always 1sec behind.
  15. KMPkemp

    Ringers and AI cars

    I think that’s the game basically mid representing where the other player actually was on the track. They were probably never 1 sec behind you. It was then corrected in the last sector. It’s frustrating I agree. I had a similar situation at silverstone and list 1.5 sec between club and the finish line