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  1. KMPkemp

    USA pentalties

    Yeah. The most frustrating thing is that it differs from corner to corner. Hit the apex post on some corners and you get a penalty and others you don’t. I did wonder if some people were completely cutting the whole corner and saving a bunch of time hence such a strong penalty
  2. KMPkemp

    USA pentalties

    It’s been like that for about 6 months. Just keep away from the Kerbs is the best thing.
  3. KMPkemp

    Event scoring

    60k gets you the max rewards but in theory the points score is limitless and defined by your quali and race times
  4. KMPkemp

    End game setup?

    To answer your question about set-up; I think there’s a few posts on it here already but don’t go higher than 90 on brakes. Max out “lightweight”, Then comes “power”, then “handling”. Aero is only needed to get really high top speeds. Think of it more as aero efficiency than downforce. I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on the best way to play the game I.e. tap turn or tilt. From the videos I’ve seen on YouTube it looks like the quick guys are tappers. The car drives completely different. They seem to have the accelerator on full the whole time and use max steering lock to scrub speed. I use a tilt set up and it’s impossible to drive like that. Another thing is that all the top guys are driving a Red Bull. Is it really quicker? Seems crazy if they made that car the quicker in the game.
  5. Just had the guy below drive the wrong way around the track to ram me. I bet it’s not the first time it’s happened. Would be great if he were to get his just deserts! Questionable name too..
  6. KMPkemp

    Asia Tour - suzuka

    They’ve just issued a fix. I have to say though it livened up the event though. Actually having to overtake cars made it more interesting!
  7. KMPkemp

    Asia Tour - suzuka

    Anyone else noticed that to get 19th on the grid you need to do a 1:19. is this an error or the way things are going to be now? That’s a very tough time and I reckon you need to have 2200 pi to get that
  8. KMPkemp

    Esports final

    That was maybe the only problem. I couldn’t spare 2 hours and was only on for 30 min. I understand why they wanted to do it like that though
  9. KMPkemp

    Esports final

    I just wanted to say that I thought the Esports final was great. I was pleased it was only quali and it was was cool to be racing against tough opposition. Technically for me it ran fine with little lag (opposing cars jumping around). I’d definitely do it again
  10. KMPkemp

    Broken car hitbox

    They’ve just announced a fix. Just update your game in the google or apple store
  11. KMPkemp

    Great difference in setup!

    Rot10ronnys set ups are similar to mine. My theory: 1. keep brakes at 90. anything more and you’ll be slower 2. go high on lightweight (this‘ll get you out of the corners fast). Power helps too 3. aero is only important to get a high top speed down a long straight for example Baku. Aero gives you nothing in the corners
  12. KMPkemp

    Best Lap times

    One other point. At the last update they made the customer car a bit worse. It understeers more now. Maybe that contributed?
  13. KMPkemp

    Best Lap times

    I was thinking the same until I reviewed my set ups and realised due to gaining new parts I was running too much brake (134). Have you tried looking at setups again?
  14. KMPkemp

    Great difference in setup!

    I don’t think your competitor really had 0pi. It’s just a software bug. Quite often it goes in combination with you not getting any safe driver bonus
  15. KMPkemp

    Set-up in latest version

    I’ve been adjusting my set ups and now I think I’m in a good place. Basically anywhere with slow corners I have a lot of lightweight and anything with high top speeds I add more aero. Seems to be working