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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Something that would be great for people like me who want to analyse every detail of their race. An in-depth race statistics available from the race results screen. This could include things like your top speed from that race, max Gs, favourite gear, distance driven, number of collisions... perhaps even the number of clean corners if that were possible. Plus as many other interesting stats as possible in order to add another level of interest and another way to compare performances.Another thing that would be absolutely brilliant - a time trial type race mode in the custom race menu. This would give players a way to jump right into the action without the championships and rival racers. Of course, this is not exactly to the true spirit of rally but it would allow for a list of lifetime best laps on RallyCross tracks and best times on rally and hill climb stages when completed in this mode. Perhaps this could be added to an online leaderboard of fastest times for all the available tracks with options to view the times for today, this week and all time. Being able to compare your own times with the rest of the world and friends would hugely improve aspects of the game for players like me.I hope this gets given the time to be taken into consideration, thanks so much for all the improvements that have been made as a result of community suggestions so far!