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  1. Hello again, today it happened to me again 2x times, the wheel decidec after some time to pull totally to the left and stay there... I did reset the wheel and the gam ofc, but after entering the RX career, after 2 laps again. I reset everything one more time and after that it was ok, also yesterday it was all ok. This happens just sometimes and only in dirt rally. Very weird.
  2. 1. Today my KitKar got stuck on a little gras leave on the bank in an open right corner 2. In greece with the bmw in the last weekly i got stuck in a small bush 3 times 3. I noticed that the shadows look weird since the last update, a lot of times they flicker in the trees... Very distracting. Is wet gravel behacing the same as wet asphalt? I don't think so. When i drive my real car, there is little difference on dry or wet gravel. I think that ingame its overreacted, but it just might be a different type of gravel. I give you that. @MatthewGrouss I totally agree with you, the amount of det
  3. Hello Codemasters, you are doing a great job with this game, please don't stop fixing things... Today something strange happened to me a second time. Since the FFB update everything is OK, but sometimes the wheel settings act up. Example (I usuallly enter the game every day for the daily event): 1. One time the game completely forgot my wheel settings (buttons) and I had to asign them over again, 2. Today the wheel rotation was completely off in the daily event, after trying the weekly event it was the same problem. Let me explain, I never change my setting in-game or logitech profiler, beca
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