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  1. See my comments few messages before, I have the same issue : crash once you push « continue » (means when the little red circle start in the corner of the screen, big sound and reset to xbox main screen) for colin, daily and All championships races... and now even when I try to register a setup with some cars... This issue already existed in the past but with very less frequency. Now it’s each day, and colin update impossible to play with... If it’s a auto save problem : why don’t you add the possibility to save only manually our results ? setup : xbox one S, paddle, difficulty
  2. Same problems : never had so many dirt crash than since this update is arrived (but had already few cases before) !! In colin mac rae challenge (impossible to valid anything), in daily challenge, in championships and now : after have registered a setup in a club session !! 🤬 Always the same effect : freeze of the screen after last « continue » button, when red circle turn, huge sound ok the TV and then after few seconds : back to xbox main screen... With or without racenet login : same effect !! Is somebody @ codemaster working on this problem ? Because difficult to play to this wond
  3. Exactly the same crash for me : first scenario impossible to validate, crash when red circle is started... I’ve uninstalled and installed again all the game (on xbox one) and same problem... I had already this problem is some daily races and championships, but here it start really to be boring 😤😤 Do you have an idea or solution ?? Thanks (kitcarwrc)
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