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  1. HWJunkie

    Newbie can't get the car to drive

    thank you steviejay69 that worked! Now I need to look into setting up the G29 properly and figuring out how to play the game. Thanks again!
  2. So I'm brand new to the the Formula 1 2019 game. Also, I have zero gaming experience, so this is all brand new to me. Formula 1 2019 v1.22 PC running windows 10 I guess using Steam? Logitech G29 I just wanted to drive a car to get use to it so I went to the solo and time trials, at least that's what I think I was on, I tried to get back to it and now the game keeps rolling the 5 red lights and the opening "video" and when it gets to "Hit Any Button" screen, I hit a button and it just keeps replaying the opening startup screen... But that's not what my problem is. My problem was when I picked a circuit to drive on and went to the car to drive it on track, I hit the accelerator, the car barely does anything, it goes like 1 MPH at best and really doesn't respond correctly, I can steer it but that's about it as it doesn't really move. When I hit the brakes, it goes into reverse and until it backs into a wall or something, in this case, I believe the accelerator was working, so I can go fast in reverse but not forward. What am I doing wrong?