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  1. @PJTierneyHey, will the team try to do something with this flickering, I loved watching replays, but now they hurt my eyes with this car flickerning (its on PS5 on chase cam and in replays on outside cameras, car is constantly flickernig). Thx
  2. Hey, first of all sorry for my english :) i'm not a hater of WRC 8 (its a fun semi-arcade game to play on gamepad), but i just can believe how human "taste" can differ. I just saw comments where people were saying that WRC 8 is more challenging than DR 2, has better gravel physics so i downloaded WRC 8 to see it myself. I know that people are diffrent but how blind you must be to write such a nonsense. I played with WRC cars on G29 and i must say that this game has no gravel physics, every gravel road feels the same, they are only changing colours from country to country, in DR 2 gra
  3. Hello everyone im new here just bought dr2 with all dlc, i have a question related to scotland for PJTierney, is there any chance in current state of the game to add one slot in custom championship so we can play full season with all countries?
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