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  1. I don't know about the glitch but if you change to a new tire at service then quit the stage, the next time you enter the service, you will have the new tire on, but still be allowed to change tires. If you aren't careful, you might switch the tires again by accident.
  2. When I play any event at Verbundsring and its full length counterpart, Hammerstein, halfway through sector 3 there is a "crest, square left, 50" where the "square left" is not actually said, just silence. This happens for time trials and online events. This has seemingly happened all of a sudden (or I just haven't noticed and been crashing every time?) Is anyone else experiencing this? This is on PC Steam, and I did validate files.
  3. Canada, PC Steam, trying to access Events, hasn't been working for the past day.
  4. Platform: PC Steam 2D Setup: GTX 1070, Core i3, 16GB RAM Peripherals: Xbox One S Controller The Ford Fiesta OMSE Supercar Lites "carry over" the windshield status from previous crashes, even from other cars, even from other game modes. I don't know if it applies to any other cars. It is only fixed by restarting the game. A streamable link to the video of the bug is provided below. In the video, I demonstrate that the windshield is in good condition when you start the game. I then crash another car such that the windshield cracks. I switch back to the Fiesta in a new session and the windshield appears cracked. https://streamable.com/s/30ec5/jhtqw