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  1. Over the last two days, most of the grip has come back and I can race again at least on the dry roads... even in VR. I do not know what caused the issue with the slippery rear end nor what fixed it. I can say that since the issue arose I updated from a 4.40 series nvidia graphics driver to a 4.78 series driver but it made no immediate difference. I did reboot after installation... Perhaps it was an errant windows update. End result, I'd still like to see more rear grip in wet scenarios but I am glad to be racing again.
  2. @PJTierney On same software as above... I believe what is really happening is that front tire grip was reduced a little while rear tire grip was all but eliminated. This would explain the odd driving behavior post patch including the drastically increased braking distances and the new tendancy to literally slip off roads with the rear tires. Moreover, the front tires steer reasonably well. The back tires, on the other hand, drive as if on ice. I should also add I have had hundreds of hours of REAL LIFE driving in a class 2 offroad sandrail on sand, dirt, clay and mud. So, I am s
  3. In this patch (1.13)or the prior patch, cars lost massive amounts of grip as well as side bite. I had noticed this problem early on in the Oculus SDK VR version rendering it useless. And, the problem now seems to have migrated into the non VR version as well. Most of the cars now seems to slide sideways off roads that are slightly canted to one side or the other even when driving along a straight section. Likewise, cars take MUCH LONGER to stop. It is as if all roads were suddenly turned to wet clay... NOTE: I literally have hundreds of hours driving DR 2.0 on PC. I have played i
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