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  1. Over the last two days, most of the grip has come back and I can race again at least on the dry roads... even in VR. I do not know what caused the issue with the slippery rear end nor what fixed it. I can say that since the issue arose I updated from a 4.40 series nvidia graphics driver to a 4.78 series driver but it made no immediate difference. I did reboot after installation... Perhaps it was an errant windows update. End result, I'd still like to see more rear grip in wet scenarios but I am glad to be racing again.
  2. FwyFlyer

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    The bug may not be affecting all systems the same. Unlike most users, I have invested a great deal into playing this game. I literally use all of the DR 2.0 telemetry on my setup to run a motion platform and direct drive steering. When I run, I often do so with no assists, including manual w/clutch. But, the cars are so slippery now that it is all I can do to keep em on the track even with auto shifting. This patch has caused all of my times to drop precipitously. And, now rather than feeling the cars stick in the corners OR slide sideways , now I can only feel the effect of the front wheels. Aside from providing forward momentum, the rear wheels offer so little resistance that the cars now act as though they are simply pivoting on a central point at about the gear shift lever based solely upon whatever the front wheels are doing. It is as if the rear wheels were replaced with shopping cart wheels and that IS bad. Very bad.
  3. @PJTierney On same software as above... I believe what is really happening is that front tire grip was reduced a little while rear tire grip was all but eliminated. This would explain the odd driving behavior post patch including the drastically increased braking distances and the new tendancy to literally slip off roads with the rear tires. Moreover, the front tires steer reasonably well. The back tires, on the other hand, drive as if on ice. I should also add I have had hundreds of hours of REAL LIFE driving in a class 2 offroad sandrail on sand, dirt, clay and mud. So, I am speaking from experience here. So, please check on it. One other observation, I think grip levels seemed to be messed up in the Oculus SDK Steam PC VR version for a while. Those same grip levels seem to have recently migrated into the non-oculus version on 1.13 or the prior version. As a result, I had already switched back from VR to normal. But now that normal has the reduced group I associated with the VR implementation, normal grip levels are now sub par as well. System: Windows 10. Super Deluxe Edition, Steam, Accuforce pro V2 direct drive wheel, fanatec clubsport 3 pedals, fanatec handbrake, thrustmaster T8a shifter, NLR v3 motion platform, & Oculus Rift S.
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    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    gleylancer571: (Re: inability to move from start line.) This problem is especially common with the Fanatec Handbrake. My solution: Set the initial deadzone on the handbrake at about 35%-40%. Then make sure you pull that handbrake to at least 50% travel when you need it. @PJTierney (Re: DRAMATIC loss of vehicle grip post patch 1.13 on PC...) Upon further reflection, and based upon hundreds of hours of real life offroad racing in mud, sand, and dirt... I believe the bug on PC is as follows: (1.13 or the prepatch) caused a minor drop in front tire grip and a MASSIVE drop in REAR tire grip across virtually all vehicles. Please check.
  5. FwyFlyer

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    I believe you are spot on at least when it comes to the PC version. I think vehicle friction was reduced dramatically to the point where cars now slide off slightly canted roads even when driving mostly straight. Vehicles have much less side bite and also take much longer to stop than they did pre 1.13 patch. Moreover, it seems as if all roads were suddenly turned to wet clay. And, while the effect may be more pronounced on some vehicles it nonetheless exists virtually across the board. I have literally hundreds of hours into this game on steam and I have driven it nearly every day. Long story short, the loss of traction caused by the recent patch(es) IS a game breaker! System: Win 10. nvidia 2080ti, accuforce pro v2 wheel, nlrv3 motion platform, fanatec shifter, clubsport 3 pedals.
  6. In this patch (1.13)or the prior patch, cars lost massive amounts of grip as well as side bite. I had noticed this problem early on in the Oculus SDK VR version rendering it useless. And, the problem now seems to have migrated into the non VR version as well. Most of the cars now seems to slide sideways off roads that are slightly canted to one side or the other even when driving along a straight section. Likewise, cars take MUCH LONGER to stop. It is as if all roads were suddenly turned to wet clay... NOTE: I literally have hundreds of hours driving DR 2.0 on PC. I have played it nearly every day since release. And, up until this change to the vehicle physics, it was an absolute favorite of mine. At present, the change in side bite is a MASSIVE game buster! System: PC Windows 10, nvidia 2080ti, accuforce pro v 2 wheel, nlr v3 motion platform, clubsport 3 pedals, fanatec handbrake. P.S. I checked all of my game inputs and they are spot on. The issue is definitely in the new patch.