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  1. So I got a notification on my phone from the F1 app saying "Be the grid's 11th team with the new F1® 2020..." and I stopped studying, read the whole thing and came here. People didn't really expect much from the game this year, some even believed there would be no game because of so many races postponed because of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The ones who believed in a 2020 title expected it to be just a remake from last year's game with just new liveries, tracks and driver changes, so that Codies could focus more on the new 2021 regulations (which were postponed too though). Welp, I guess we were wrong! Our beloved Career Mode is now casual player -friendly with the shorter season options. And YES, we FINALLY get a MY TEAM MODE! (woop in the chat for that) They haven't announced more than this, but I can imagine the 22 cars on the grid, two cars with your own custom liveries. I don't know where they will get the two extra drivers. Will we finally see other F2 drivers get promoted in the future seasons when playing those My Team and Career modes? The game creating it's own future talents who replace the drivers who have left F2? F1 driver retirements? F3? How much there will be a difference between Career Mode and My Team? Will we see Lukas Weber and Devon Butler again or will there be completely new characters? I hope the problems of F1 2019 have been fixed, such as AI wet traction, AI bad defending skill, (V)SC deployment. Also you can play two player split-screen on your consoles! Lewis Hamilton might claim the seventh world championship and tie up with Michael Schumacher, so you can buy a Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition that includes four of the most iconic cars the German legend has driven. On 10th of July, I surely will be one of the first people at our local GameStop buying this game. For the trailer, go https://youtu.be/sd96C67i8aE
  2. SomeFishyStuff

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Could we have an XBOX One forum championship at some point
  3. SomeFishyStuff

    Formula E maybe?

    I like the idea, but they would need a heck ton of licencing things to sort out with the drivers, ABB and FIA and they have to plan all the tracks and car physics and events, so making a new racing series aside F1 would be a big task
  4. SomeFishyStuff

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    In my opinion if we compare to real life F1, the safety car frequency is pretty okay. The problem is though, that all the types of retirements we ever see are 1. AI technical issue, the only AI retirement, which is not involved with the player. 2. AI crash caused by the player (the player crashes into the AI causing AI to retire) We never see AI crash on their own or with other AI? In fact they never make any mistakes like hit each other when in a battling situation and thus have to go to the pits to change their front wing or their punctured tires. It's a bit boring when they just randomly have smoke coming out of their engines and they pull aside to retire. We need action to the race. @BarryBL?
  5. SomeFishyStuff

    Battling with the AI

    I agree, maybe Codies should make the AI energy management better? There has been lots of improvements to the AI from previous games of course. I think one of the next steps could be better defending. That will take time and much work making all the alternate racing lines, but by small steps I think it's pretty achievable. I would be pretty satisfied. Also the fact that AI never really make mistakes. I see them locking up only when I am overtaking them into a corner. In my opinion they should make a little more mistakes, like hitting a wall, going wide, getting bad traction off a corner sometimes. I hope they don't boost this up so much or else we will just see them making mistakes in every corner and making it too easy. And in the wet conditions this should be a bit more likely because of the slipperiness. They are just too perfect.
  6. SomeFishyStuff

    Battling with the AI

    Hi! I am a big F1 fan and I watch every single race. I like it when there is action (who doesn't?) and the battling you see between the drivers. I wanted to experience it myself so I bought the F1 2019 game last year. I've been playing two seasons on career mode and I like to explore the game through single races. I play usually on 90-95 AI difficulty. I use an automatic gearbox and full traction control. On races I find it only a little challenging to catch up on others, which is okay for me. But when I get to overtaking, it just feels off. The overtakes are too easy. Like the hard work I used on catching up on the driver in front gets rewarded with a position higher. I get to the slipstream on the straight, pull closer and get to the inside line for the corner, brake a bit later and turn into the corner, exiting by crossing the defending AI's line. The AI just gives up and lets me go, and won't even try to get the place back. I can get away easily and start hunting down the next car. I can even overtake using the outside line. I'll just make my way through and the AI will make way for me! I want to feel the sensation of the battle, me making a move to the inside, side by side into the end of the straight, I brake a bit late, but the AI brakes much earlier to get a better exit to the next corner to get the position back. Side by side again, through the next corner the AI makes it to the inside, leaving me only a bit space so I have to lift off a bit. This should be racing, not just making a simple move and getting past a car. You say: "Why won't you turn the difficulty a bit up then so the AI will be more skilled?" Well, the AI will be faster and I won't even catch up to it. Then they'll catch up to me, where I'll get to defending action. I can hold them up for some but I'll just lose time and positions. I hope we could see more Bahrain 2014 Hamilton vs. Rosberg kind of stuff in this game. Also the AI is too perfect battling each other. They won't make mistakes, causing them to crash into each others, go wide into the gravel, hit the walls and make the race more colorful and unexpectable. On wet tracks they always find the traction, never lock up, go wide, hit the walls etc. In my opinion there is lot to fix in the next updates and when making F1 2020 (if one is even going to come out this year because of corona) Best regards
  7. SomeFishyStuff

    Terminal damage

    Hi! It's not about the teams' reliability, it might be because you never switch your power train components and gearboxes. When you are starting a new session and you go to the screen that says "overview" in the top and all the sessions of your weekend, don't go straight to racing. Press R1 a few times until you get to the Vehicle Management screen. There you can manage your power unit components and gearboxes. When you race, you always use the same power unit and gearbox. They will wear more you use them and if they wear too much they might break and you will have that terminal damage. Power unit has many components. In the Vehicle Management screen you can change the worn component into new ones. Of course you have only limited amount of power unit components to use and you will have to order new ones at some point, costing some grid penalties. Same with the gearbox. I recommend to switch into new components when they are about 50% worn, because then they might start having issues. With the power unit components you can always switch into older ones to manage them and avoid grid penalties. With the (non-practice) gearbox you will always get the penalty so use them to the 50% and only then switch it. Vehicle management is a key in Career Mode and it's good to learn to use it. I hope this was the problem and I helped solving it. If there is something else you want to ask, let me know! Regards