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  1. I think so there are similarities with Xbox as I followed the advice of UnderclassGDfan it worked. The best thing is to wait for an update. I took the risk of starting again with the containment I do not work I had time to play. What I did just before doing the last test with the MG Metro I had made a backup if the trophies did not unlock while waiting for the update just to start this event again.
  2. For people on PS4 I managed to get the trophies by starting a second time. I reset my progress before doing this I had everything save keeping my settings on a key so as not to lose anything. It is important not to touch the difficulty of making the challenges in order and at the last challenge the trophies will unlock this. After I handed my old backup my settings everything came back, the other solution is the update! I took three times less time to redo everything because we know by heart the steps!
  3. I managed to get both trophies! What I did I put the difficulty back on 91 just after I reset my progress. I start from the beginning without touching the difficulty stay at 91 I made the challenges in order and at the last challenge succeeded with the MG Metro the two trophies are finally unlocking!
  4. Okay, I know that some trophies can be obtained in part customize and others than in the WRX championship.
  5. Have you raced in WRX World Championship mode? If you made them in custom party it doesn't work in this mode.
  6. Me what I did I managed 6 events to 100 after no way to get there I lower the difficulty I chained 24 events in very difficult to 91. The last ten I made in very easy for the trophy finished in all the difficulties it is not unlocked. Just after I did the last ten events in very difficult that I succeeded and no trophy either. A friend also just finished everything easy and nothing on his side. We're on PS4.
  7. I did not understand very well you have to put the difficulty on 70 the first two challenges and then finish them again at 91 after. Do we have to redo all the 91 scenarios? Change the difficulty in the setting menu? After you start all the tests again in any difficulty does it work?
  8. All right, I'll go see your solution.
  9. Okay, it reassures me but I hope not to have to start all over again from the beginning, a friend also just finished no trophy for him yet other players get them!
  10. I'm on PS4 I just finished all the challenges in very difficult mode the two trophies related to the scenarios are not unlocking am I the only one in this case ?
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