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  1. Jonas0205

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    The router reported the last restart 3 days ago. That was by myself because of the error code with F1. It can't be a PSN disruption because my friends didn't have any connection problems. It's also the whole day that I have these issue. We all live in the same region.
  2. Jonas0205

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    There I have the same problems (ranked & unranked). I can join the game and start the session but after a few minutes I get the error code.
  3. Jonas0205

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    I checked both (NAT and connectivity). The thing is that I only have problems with F1. Any other game works perfect. I don't understand why I hadn't these problems at the release last year. Since the release I changed nothing at my PS4 or at my internet connection
  4. Jonas0205

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    I tried this out but it didnt help me. Do you have any other ideas?
  5. Jonas0205

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    Hi guys when i´m in a ranked, unranked or league lobby I get kicked out of the session after about 5 minutes. I don´t know what to do. I tried everything (unlock all ps4 ports, change my NAT Type from 2 to 1 and read all the other topics about the CP7 error code) but nothing helps to fix the problem. At the release of F1 2019 everything worked well. We were able to drive a whole season without any prolems. But now I can´t end a race race or a qualifying without this error. My friends I play with have no problems. We are in the same Psn party and my internet connection is perfect. Can someone help?