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  1. After getting a pre-game notification in startup of another game I play - that my current NVidia driver had a known issue - I decided to look around to see what the issue is, and found the note about the fix for crash-to-desktop in F1 2019. Came to the forum to comment and noticed the link at the top regarding the same. I therefore installed the hotfix driver, reverted my clock speed back to standard (from reduced speeds), and have just played a 3 hour session of F1 2019 without issue. Once, in race, it stuttered. I expected a crash as normal but it played on. In the podium ceremony (where it was previously almost guaranteed to crash), it stuttered as well, but carried on. I would strongly recommend upgrading to the hotfix driver.
  2. Hi Update I used EVGA Precision X1 to reduce my video memory clock and GPU clock by 100Mhz each, and increase the power target to 105%. I also discovered I had auto fan control off (not sure if I accidentally turned it off at some point after installing EVGA Precision as just moving the fan slider turns off auto) Either way the game is currently stable with no crashes. When I feel adventurous I will revert each of GPU and memory and see if the power target helps, and then start playing with the diagnostics included in the software to test stability.
  3. Switched to 442.74 but it is sadly still crashing. Also tried the headphones using the audio jack. Still crashed (thankfully because the sound was awful). Will review the rest of this thread to see if there is anything else I can try. Installed EVGA Precision X1 to monitor the GPU and the card is perfectly stable at the times I have crashes. Thanks so much for all the help @steviejay69. Would be nice if Codemasters could look at the email I sent with all the diagnostics including the crash dump - @1512marcel
  4. For reference I reverted to 441.12 driver (oldest I could get on NVidia.com) and tested with Highest graphics presets back on, only to have it crash again. So its not the driver (wondering if I should excuse the pun here:) ). Have tried two other things, without a crash so far, but I have not had much time to play the game so can't be sure. Will reply with what worked (or didn't) once I know better - probably this weekend.
  5. Thanks for your continued support Installed the driver and firmware. Found a rogue armourycrate service and stopped that. Installed the ME Driver and Firmware. Game still crashed Turned graphic detail down to low. So far no crash. Will run it like this for a bit then turn up individual settings until I find one that goes boom, might take me a few days. Thanks for the info about the integrated GPU.
  6. Game still crashed after removing Aura Removed Armoury Crate and all other ASUS software. Game still crashed ME Driver/Firmware installers just error... not sure what to do there I only have NVidia GeForce RTC2060 under display adapters Intel Driver and support assistant will update my Bluetooth and Wifi Drivers - will do that now and retest tomorrow
  7. @steviejay69 ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E Gaming Have just uninstalled Aura software and will test tonight. Will also do a test without the headset.
  8. Hi dxdiag attached (generated yesterday and sent to community(at)... with a bunch of other diagnostics and a crash dump) I updated my BIOS to 1401 last night but have not played yet Had my first in-race crash yesterday Framerate capped at 120fps @steviejay69 @1512marcel DxDiag.txt
  9. A short description of the problem: I just got this game so its a fresh install. Usually it crashes in cut scenes - like the podium ceremony (though I find quickly skipping that helps) but sometimes crashes during other intermediate content. It never crashes while racing. I am playing career mode. Sometimes it will crash post event causing me to have to replay parts of the event that have not yet saved. Platform you’re on: PC Game Version: 1.22 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer: Single player career If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: I got the crash report tool once or twice (managed to submit once), but mostly it just dies. I can email one from yesterday as well as other diagnostics required Any accessories you are using: Logitech G29 Wheel Sound Blaster X H7 Headset How often do you see this problem? Is it the only time or does it always happen Very often, yesterday at least 5 times. Twice today in two hours. Have you tried any troubleshooting Have tried both the DX11 and DX12 versions. Have disabled the Nahamic service which I know breaks other games. Uninstalled ASUS sonic which apparently also causes issues with some games Ensured Nvidia drivers are up to date