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  1. Foreign Racing League will be doing a world cup knockout tournament. This will drivers from different nationalities take each other on in a 1v1 one lap sprint to the finish. All races will be streamed to our twitch channel as well as live stewards to monitor the event. We will be picking the fastest drivers from each country to compete for the chance to win an Xbox gift voucher. The Event will start at 8:30pm BST Friday July 3rd and run into the night until there is a champion. if anyone is interested join the discord and fill the sign up form to confirm your seat in the Formula One World Cup. https://discord.gg/AyBSGcE
  2. If you like racing on the Formula 1 games and are looking for something better than the demolition derby of unranked multiplayer than you should consider joining FRL. We will be running two potentially three tiers depending how many people sign up. Race Times: Tier One: 9:30pm BST Tier Two: 9:30pm BST FRL is open to anyone no matter their location if you want to race join the discord and fill the signup form out. (we will start season one a week after the game releases) https://discord.gg/fmMFmQT
  3. Foreign Racing League is starting a my team multiplayer league with team principles drivers and an F2 feeder series (even if my team is not multiplayer it will still go ahead just a little different). We have already got a few drivers and team principles but we are looking to have nine team principles and 40 drivers by the release of f1 2020 (nine because red bull and alphatauri is same team principle). Race Times will be: F1 Thursday 8:30pm BST F2 Wednesday 8:30pm BST If anyone is on Xbox and is interested in racing in this kind of league join the discord server: https://discord.gg/TnfkYvk
  4. JLowry75

    (XBOX) FRL Realistic League

    FRL now has a realistic league with team principles and an F2 feeder series. We are only just starting with this new league and it should be great fun on F1 2020. Race Times: F1 Thursday 8:30pm BST F2 Wednesday 8:30pm BST If anyone is interest join the discord. https://discord.gg/He7rww4 (Also if you want to race in a normal f1 league that runs fridays and saturdays 9:30pm BST with three tiers join our other already well established league https://discord.gg/UDYyfwN )
  5. JLowry75

    Any rookie Xbox leagues

    Hey Scrogs FRL esports has just opened a third tier. anyone is welcome to join drivers of all skill levels are allowed to join. tier three races 8pm BST fridays. if you're interested join the discord. https://discord.gg/tpzEErb
  6. JLowry75

    FRL Xbox F1 League

    With F1 2020 coming soon FRL looks at getting into its first season of league racing with two tiers full and a third tier about to be. So come join one of the quickest growing racing leagues on Xbox before there's only reserve seats left.
  7. JLowry75

    FRL Xbox F1 League

    We now have a weekday league on Tuesdays 8pm BST open for anyone
  8. JLowry75

    FRL Xbox F1 League

    Still looking for around 10 more drivers for league three
  9. JLowry75

    FRL Xbox F1 League

    Also be sure to check out the leagues YouTube channel with all tiers races posted to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQHLi1IIH7I
  10. JLowry75

    FRL Xbox F1 League

    We have already successfully filled two tiers and looking to fill our third tier. the tiers are sorted by performance with tier one having the fastest drivers but we are still looking to filter through inactive members in our already established tier one. Still need around 15 drivers to fill tier three so join fast before all the spots and teams are taken. time: Tier one races 9:30pm BST Fridays Tier two races 9:30pm BST Saturdays Tier three races 8pm BST Fridays All races are streamed to YouTube with commentary. If anyone is intrested join the discord server. https://discord.gg/BwFpqPJ
  11. JLowry75

    (XBOX) FRL F1 League Looking For Drivers

    We now have a new tier 3 races are at 8pm BST fridays If anyone is interested join the discord link at the top of the post
  12. JLowry75

    Hey, I'm looking for a F1 2019 leagues on xbox one

    Got an f1 league we are looking for reserves. https://discord.gg/VgQuF7V
  13. JLowry75

    (XBOX) FRL F1 League Looking For Drivers

    We still have one spot left in league one.
  14. JLowry75

    (XBOX) FRL F1 League Looking For Drivers

    Heres another link that should work https://discord.gg/VgQuF7V
  15. JLowry75

    (XBOX) FRL F1 League Looking For Drivers

    An update for anyone looking to drive we still need five faster drivers for league one and one driver for league two. All assists are allowed just drive fast.