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  1. Shorti62

    Corner Exit

    Turn the TC off, buddy. I think TC dont allow you to accelerate.
  2. Anyone else has experienced that only 1 stint gets recorded? I did practice in unranked, did 2 stints, but only first one was recorded.. I saw that yesterday too, but was problem that somebody joined the lobby, and left, which can cause this.. But today i was in lobby alone. It takes too much time to create new lobby for every stint.
  3. So, after few months of using this APP, i can't play the game without it anymore. So I came back, just to say thank you man!
  4. Interesting. Happy for u getting Fanatec, i still wait for that day! Enjoy buddy
  5. Oh yeah, i knew that, but that wasn't the problem. Thank you anyway for help. @ender0042 somehow i managed to get it working now.. Not really sure what I did, I was playing a little bit around IP's and my router. So yeah, now it works. I'm already using it, and getting familiar with it. So far so good, Before, I had to write down all things, and then compare my notes, but this amazing thingy do it so much faster, and so much better now! Thanks, and enjoy buddy! BTW, Marioho, one off topic question, if i may.. When you are setting a car, what exactly are you looking for;
  6. How do i get this working? I'd like to test it out. I'm looking for something like that, to enhance my experience with F12020. I play on PS4, and i'm running PXG telemetry on PC. I've set settings in game as it is said, and have the PS4 and PC connected. App says "Tracking", and it knows on what track I am.. I just dont get any data on app. Is there something else to set?
  7. So, I don't find an answer anywhere, so I'll just ask here. What should I look for, when making a setup. Should I have balanced tires in terms of temperature, or should I have balanced pressure? example: Running around Spa, I can maintain front tires in 94-99 and rears 92-96 (same temperature between left and right troughout the lap), but not having balanced pressure. Or, I can have balanced pressure, front 23 PSI, and rear 20.5, but then temperatures differ between fronts/rears, and left/rights. I know in Assetto Corsa is important to match pressure, not temps. Is thi
  8. i'm using T500 normally in F1 2020 on PS4. But it doesnt work if i have my shifter plugged in too.. try to only plug wheel, and when game is loading and is asking you to press any button, press button on wheel, not on pad.
  9. I heard the same, that T-cam could be faster than cockpit. But to be honest, I tried driving with t-cam, and it didn't go well for me.. I personally am faster and more consistent with cockpit cam. Gave a chance to t-cam twice, for full 90 minutes practice, and I just cant get used to it, feels unnatural to me. So I'll just stick to cockpit. Especially now with rear mirror, it's just great.
  10. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Unranked lobby. In quali mode, first few minutes everything was ok. Then I started to get notifications that players left. All cars were in garages. I was still doing my quali times, which didn't update in "their" lobby on the stream. And in "my" lobby their laptimes wasn't updating anymore. Looked like I was whole different lobby. At the end of the quali I got notification that there's not enough players to continue to race. I got new invite, and joined back to their lobby for the race start. I couldn't
  11. Yeah I saw it. I just copied my post from somewhere else, and I didnt correct that part.
  12. PS4 schumacher edition Time trial Was having same problem yesterday, on Australia. When I improved laptime, game froze for a second, then crashed. Right after the crash my wheel (T500rs) slowly turned left for 180 degrees, and it was really hard to turn them to any direction. I checked for PS4 update, and for F1 update too, both runing on latest version. (altough in game still showing 1.03) Today I tried TT in Australia again, and it wasnt crashing at all, even tho I was improving laptime. I was so happy that bug was gone. Then I went for TT in Bahrain, and my first lap was invalidated
  13. i think i'll use similar to F1 19. it was: 60% 0% 0% 0% 0% OFF 360 degree rotation.
  14. i think those leagues in game dont work properly anyway.. why don't u 3 just join to some league, and race there with other guys?
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