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  1. Shorti62

    Problem with created league

    i think those leagues in game dont work properly anyway.. why don't u 3 just join to some league, and race there with other guys?
  2. Shorti62

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Here's my wishlist: - realistic ERS - realistic DRS - equal cars to be equal - mirror - practice mode (with wear and fuel consumption same as online) - driving with assists much much slower than without assists - some sort of telemtry to view lap data - PAD not be so OP - filter mode in online (for easier search) - better broadcast - more balanced FP, quali and race times of AI's - option for 75% race distance - oundersteer enhance from 1-100% i stead of just ON/OFF - driver transfer turn OFF option - different Jeff's messages, more emotion - a possibility to change fuelmap and ERS on grid, not just during formation lap - a lot more empty setup slots - better described car setup options with engeneer (good) advices - better penalty system ... off the head, probably could go on with the list. Dream-wish list : - more realistic handling - overall better stability of game - less bugs - not so stupid AI's under blue flag - better engine and tire sound - separate time trial leaderboard for pad and wheels - feel of a flatspot - realistic driving over kerbs - manual pit lane driving - more informations during the race - better replay mode - more options in customization menu ... again, definitely could go on. Anyway, I enjoy this series, and I accepted the fact that this is arcade game long time ago. I buy every F1 game since 2016, and i'll pre-order 2020 as soon as its possible.
  3. PS4 Psn: shorti62 Also didn't get trophy.
  4. Shorti62

    Eurocup - F1 2019 - 07/05/0/0

    Nevermind, I just realized its PC league.
  5. League still running? I'm looking for PS4 league without assists.
  6. Shorti62

    Weekly event score

    I actually tried it before, but i got penalty so i finished 2nd, and objective failed. Same settings, different assists bonus. Although I think, it was level 102 in previous run, so i guess AI level affect both assists bonus, and difficulty bonus.
  7. Shorti62

    Eurocup - F1 2019 - 07/05/0/0

    I would like to join, but whole website is in Italian. I'm looking for no-assists league for quite some time now! And on discord too.
  8. Shorti62

    Weekly event score

    Racing line off, manual ERS, pitstop assist OFF, ... Basically everything is off. Yes, I had 2 warnings, but this should count as clean lap bonus.. I think it shouldn't affect assists bonus. Main question why some guys get 35.000 points for no assists, and I got 31.000.. I'm thinking, maybe because I was on 103 AI, and they was on 106 or more, but thats why they get more points for difficulty bonus.. still dont understand assists bonus system.
  9. Shorti62

    Weekly event score

    I just completed this week's event (Hamilton - Germany - PS4), and I noticed that I got assists bonus 31.379. I have all assists off, manual gearbox with clutch, parc ferme ON, no flashbacks, ... But I saw some guys get 34.364 points. How is this possible? How is this scoring point system working?
  10. Shorti62

    Any seat for me ?? (PS4)

    I'm looking for: - PS4 league (wheel only, if possible) - all assists OFF - 50% or 100% races - my region is Europe
  11. Shorti62

    F1 & F2 2019 PC League - 4 TIERS - WCR

    Does this still exists?
  12. Shorti62

    Eurocup - F1 2019 - 07/05/0/0

    I guess it's only for italian speaking drivers?
  13. Same for me. PS4 PSN: shorti62