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    Corner Exit

    Turn the TC off, buddy. I think TC dont allow you to accelerate.
  2. Anyone else has experienced that only 1 stint gets recorded? I did practice in unranked, did 2 stints, but only first one was recorded.. I saw that yesterday too, but was problem that somebody joined the lobby, and left, which can cause this.. But today i was in lobby alone. It takes too much time to create new lobby for every stint.
  3. So, after few months of using this APP, i can't play the game without it anymore. So I came back, just to say thank you man!
  4. Oh yeah, i knew that, but that wasn't the problem. Thank you anyway for help. @ender0042 somehow i managed to get it working now.. Not really sure what I did, I was playing a little bit around IP's and my router. So yeah, now it works. I'm already using it, and getting familiar with it. So far so good, Before, I had to write down all things, and then compare my notes, but this amazing thingy do it so much faster, and so much better now! Thanks, and enjoy buddy! BTW, Marioho, one off topic question, if i may.. When you are setting a car, what exactly are you looking for;
  5. How do i get this working? I'd like to test it out. I'm looking for something like that, to enhance my experience with F12020. I play on PS4, and i'm running PXG telemetry on PC. I've set settings in game as it is said, and have the PS4 and PC connected. App says "Tracking", and it knows on what track I am.. I just dont get any data on app. Is there something else to set?
  6. i think i'll use similar to F1 19. it was: 60% 0% 0% 0% 0% OFF 360 degree rotation.
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