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  1. MuzLFlasH

    Quality of life improvements

    Don't allow 2k to shove micro transactions and ads in the game and ruin it with weird yank hype teams and other stupid ****. Other than that. I think all suggestions have been made this year. Also, has there always been an ad in the pit window direction in game? Please don't ruin the game.
  2. MuzLFlasH

    F1 Sugestion

    I'd just like to make sure codemasters know a lobby discussed the fact none of us will be buying another f1 game with dirt bag take 2 involved. We all know what they do to games. I'm not paying 5 quid per tyre change or 20 to have a blue helmet. Poor decision. T2 are no better than ea scum. Extremely sad day.
  3. So I have to purchase vip every time you feel like making content or is this a bug? If the former, I'm not happy. At no point was this said to not be a one time thing. I'd like answers please. This won't fly under Australian consumer law.
  4. MuzLFlasH

    Corrections needed

    Also, is there any reason that obvious pay drivers don't pay you to take them on? Cough, Stroll and Latifi, cough
  5. MuzLFlasH

    Corrections needed

    Agreed. For tread temp meaning blistering but overall raising of total tyre temp is easier at lower pressures due to the increased surface area of the contact patch. That's why there is a setting for surface and carcass. It should state higher pressure leads to higher degradation and blistering.
  6. Hi, I've been playing non stop since I bought the game. I thought I'd note some corrections I found. Ferrari power is still not nerfed. Nor are the others in their correct positions. Lewis helmet is black now which wasn't changed with other merc update. Renault has a blue engine cover fin with e tech or something on it which is not in game. One that has bothered me for years is the game registering and stating in set-up screen that higher tyre pressures equal higher tyre temp. It's the opposite. Refer to the Silverstone tyregate last week. The screen for xp after level 30, which I reached at half way through season 1, is pointless and so is xp. Weekly race counts for nothing at all any more. It didn't even register on super license. Pitcoins seem to have little to no purpose. there is nowhere near enough content to use them on. Can there be a fix to put sainz and ricciardo to their new seats automatically for season 2. Jeff telling me that my boss wants a points finish this race when in my team. Bit odd. I feel like the upgrading of the car is too fast compared to the cash flow. So the car gets way better over a season than it really would. Also, next year could we have a few options for nose, chassis, fins etc. So it feels like our car. And our own engine as an option. It's only a name thing. Nothing fancy needed. Just add a fifth that we can name. Anyway, that's all I can think of. Hope it helps Other bugs have all been reported Cheers.
  7. This just started for me this morning on xbox and on controller. I can't use another profile. Luckily I live in Australia though so I can get a full refund. How do you screw something up that worked fine for ten years. Seriously
  8. MuzLFlasH

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    isn't Lewis cheating cheatingtons helmet black too?
  9. MuzLFlasH

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Any chance you can sort Ferrari engines out from being faster than Mercedes? Surely adjusting some numbers in the back end isn't that difficult. Like the blue missing from the top of Renault fin. Also, What is the point of the weekly race now? I got no pit coins and nothing added to my super license. Makes it kind of pointless no?
  10. MuzLFlasH

    Performance update

    Glad I cancelled my pre order. Performance out by heaps, liveries not right, no customisation of car shape and once again, the only part that can be damaged is the front. I bet vettel wishes leclerc hit him in game in Austria. No rear damage at all. The drivers skills are way off too.
  11. MuzLFlasH

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    I am getting pretty sick of not getting the C for weekly events. I'm finishing top 5 and 6% and getting a tenth of what the prize is supposed to be. What the hell
  12. MuzLFlasH

    Safety Rating Problems

    Dear dev team, I have played every game you have released and enjoyed all very much. However, I currently am considering moving to other titles because of the online penalty system coupled with safety rating. I am a decent driver, consistently top 1 to 5% depending on track and car choice, I always avoid contact, have been complimented on my sportsmanship by strangers yet I now have a D safety rating because of the fools that go into Ranked or as I like to call it, quick race because that is what you have created with it. I'm qualifying 1st to 3rd consistently and being taken out loading me with penalties somehow and ruining my rating which as of this evening is at D and I cannot get into a lobby since. Other than one with me by myself or with a full crew of pissy takers. I feel I am not getting the experience I have paid for and as I am Australian and we have the best consumer laws in the world, I am considering asking for a full or partial refund based on this. As this is my field I'm pretty sure I can do it. Could you please get back to me about what to do. I cannot get a race and it is really not fair. Your penalty system is awful. I've not played a game with one so horrible ever. If you wish to review my GT is MuzLFlasH on xb1 previously SGTMUZZ on PS Please contact me there or on email dtm6981@gmail.com PS. The rest of the game rocks and I love it btw I'm absolutely not a hater. Thank, Dom
  13. MuzLFlasH

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    I think the problem with ranked is that it is essentially like quick race in other games. Maybe either structure it as full short weekend or create a quick un ranked race for 5 laps and ranked full short 25% weekend for ranked. I went back and tried 2018 today also. 2019 is so much better. I forgot how much. Small tweaks would be great though.
  14. MuzLFlasH

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Maybe a generic shape, colour and list of fake sponsors to design own helmet, suit, car liveries also.
  15. MuzLFlasH

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Also, what he said