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  1. Thanks for putting this together! Not: I think the username matching is case sensitive but it should probably be case insensitive.
  2. Seasons. By this I mean: the leaderboards reset every so often. Quarterly, whatever. To line up with updates. Why: * Push people to stay engaged * Allow Codies to change the maps if they have to without invalidating every previous time. If they find out that there's a nasty cut, that will be part of season 1's times, but season 2 will not allow that cut. Whoever did the best on the season 1 version of the map will always have that record, but by allowing a reset, you free the team to fix the problems without worrying about backward compatibility.
  3. +1 iRacing does this with native support, ACC works fine with Eyefinity and has a "triple screen" box to tick if you are running 5760x1080 which fixes the distortion. It's really noticeable and a decent amount of your audience is the hardcore type who would be more likely to opt for triples. I suck at quoting, but everything Mike Dee says here! Even just the basic stuff - I run a daily WRX event and afterwards I have no idea of seeing what my lap times were, just the total. More stats, more records, more stuff to geek out about.
  4. Evo IX. Not the WRC one with the goofy trunk/windshield wing. Like a Grp N car.
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