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  1. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    Wow....that's a lot of drives and capacity.....but I like the segregation. Too bad my current situation doesn't allow for my ideal setup. Would love to be able to do a new PC build that can play the latest AAA games at high graphics setting, has a SSD for the OS and games, HDD for everything else, and another HDD on a RAID 1 setting to mirror backup those 2 drives, if that's technically possible. Need to save for a new steering wheel now cos one of the shift paddles internal switch is broken. I drive AUTO now, instead of manual....bummer. In any case, my issue with the game has more or less been resolved just with upgrading to Win 10, so if the moderators want to, they can go ahead and close this thread. Thanks to all who contributed to the solution.
  2. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    Hmm....so I run "MediaCreationTool" again but this time, I use it to create a bootable media and then boot my PC from this media, yea? Question: in this case, can I take out the HDD, put it into a new PC build and boot this new build using the media and thus install Windows 10 on that new build? Of cos I won't have any OS on the current PC after that. Does it work this way? I'm just toying with the idea of upgrading to a new build but not keen to spend money on another Win10 if I can transfer this one over. As for my current issue, I most likely would have to live with it as I don't have another HDD to back up my current HDD to. I've always wondered how you tech experts do backups, and what you actually mean when you say backup. I mean, if it's a total backup of all current files, then wouldn't you need HDD space that's equal to what your current files occupy? Or if you use a backup program, you'd still need a 2nd HDD(albeit of a smaller capacity) to hold the compressed files from the original HDD, wouldn't you? Physically, I have only 1 HDD now, partition into "C" and "D" drive. Not much free space left on either partition, 60GB of 149GB on C and 144GB of 764GB on D. How do I perform a backup with this? Can it still be done? As for the game, as said earlier, the game now runs with Win10. I just can't perform "Flashbacks" on track or play "Replays" after a race. I can select them, I can run them, I can scroll between camera views and different drivers, I can activate "Photo capture", but I can't FF, RW, or Exit via "ESC". And once it reaches the end of the "film", the game just stays at that screen. Only way to exit is "Ctrl-Alt-Del". Playing "Highlights" work though. I didn't try any of the commands during "Highlights" but at the end, the game will auto-exit and go back to the race end screen. And I also can't skip any of the cinematic scenes before practise, qualifying and race. I have to let it play out. Baffling to me. But at least I can drive and play career mode. Didn't try multiplayer though. I'm not good enough.
  3. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    Yup, already using Logitech Gaming software 5.10. Clean install of Win 10? How do I do that? Rerun the "MediaCreationTool1909" again?
  4. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    I ran another dxdiag after disabling the bluetooth adapter and this is what I got. DxDiag2.txt
  5. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    I'm not sure, but it's probably related to the pc's bluetooth adapter and my bluetooth headphone. I tried disabling the bluetooth driver and obviously I can't use my headphone after that. Need it cos the current headphone cable is super short and gets in the way. Probably can work around it in due time. I don't have any other input devices apart from the usual keyboard and mouse. I use a Logitech wheel, but only to play the game.
  6. manutd1972

    F1 2019 doesn't launch at all

    So I managed to upgrade my Windows to Win 10 and the game did launch, but I encountered new issues with it. During gameplay, most of the time it would be fine except sometimes the "labels" indicating which keyboard character to press to select items would be missing. For eg, F5 and F6 to move between tabs, "Enter" to advance etc......the F5 and F6 or "Enter" would be missing from the screen. Doesn't happen all the time, but it does occur quite frequently. But the more regularly issue happens when I go to replay the highlights. The highlights run fine, I can scroll between drivers and views, but when it reaches the end, I can't use "Esc" to exit the replay and go back to the session advance screen. The game doesn't appear to have hung but none of the keys work. I have exit the game entirely using Task Manager and then restart the game. I do notice a "Report Code" at the bottom left corner, and it says "RKMG-SMPK-AEBH-SDEE".
  7. I just bought and installed the latest version of F1 2019 from Steam and when I tried to play the game, it doesn't launch at all. I open up the Steam "main page", go to my "Library", scroll down to "F1 2019", click on "PLAY", and a dialog box pops up for me to select either DX11 or DX12 version(attached file "pg1"). Since I'm on Windows 8.1, I select DX11 and then Steam shows the game status on the left panel as "F1 2019 - Running"(attached file "pg2"), then a few seconds later it just stops. No game launch, no start screen, nothing. On the Steam "main page", it just looks as if I've just installed the game and it's not running at the moment(attached file "pg3"). The game status shows I last played it "Today", and I played it for one minute. Attached pic file shows 2 minutes cos I tried to launch it a few times and the run times cumulatively became two minutes. My dxdiag file is as attached. DxDiag.txt