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  1. @BarryBL Can you update us PS4 users on when the Devs think they will have the Time Trial issue fixed. It hasn't been in any of the known key issues in the blue banner above. It's a pretty big issue as it's part of the game we payed for and it's not working. I could care less about pitcoins and the career mode etc.. Starting to get fed up that I payed for a game that I can't fully play. Again right now I'm staring at a communicating with online services screen while simply trying to view the Weekly Event Leaderboard. 5 minutes and counting. I've never had to restart a game so much before.
  2. Mike5500

    No records time trial

    Hasn't worked for me once. I'm on PS4. I can only play TT offline. I'm hoping the Times that I've set will carry over and upload once this debacle is fixed.
  3. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I'm trying to view the Weekly Event Leaderboard. When I entered into the Weekly Event menu, it was Communicating with online services for a minute to two. Now that I'm in I wanted to view the Leaderboard. Now I've been staring at the Communicating with online services screen for roughly 5 minutes and counting. I'm going to have to restart the game. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.03 PS4 3. Game-mode? Weekly Event PS4 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. I've tried a handful of times throughout the day. Each time it's the same thing. Get on a PS4 and enter into the Weekly Event and try to view the Leaderboard. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Signed out of PSN and back in. Relaunched the game multiple times 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Logitech G29 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. The screenshot is the view I've had now while writing this bug report and some. Just want to add that this game has been tough to play while online. Time Trials is still not working online. My connection and everything on my end is working fine. No issues viewing anything in F1 2019
  4. Mike5500

    TC off scoring in Weekly Events

    I'd like to see the assist bonus rise when no assists are being used in a Weekly Event score. I'm currently learning to drive with no assists. I started on the tail end of 2019 and haven't turned them on nor do I intend to on 2020. I have to say, with no TC on it is a big risk. It is so easy to spin out when in lower gears. When that happens only once, the race is over. I think it should be near impossible to get in the top 10 if any assists are being used.. unless you're a freak of nature and your overall time is alien like. The bonus for not using assists should greatly increase. This will not only force people to evolve and become better but it will also award those players who've put in the time and who risk it all.
  5. Mike5500

    Downshifting change

    Downshifting 2 gears at a time... An F1 car that can hover over a track and fly through the course... yes they are equally unrealistic lol.
  6. Mike5500

    Time trial won't open PS4 1.03

    @BarryBL There's 2 pics of empty Leaderboards and the loading screen that it gets stuck on while trying to enter while online
  7. Mike5500

    Downshifting change

    Yes not being able to downshift 2 gears at a time is the equivalent of me wishing my car would fly over the track so I don't have to drive it. You people are so sensitive when an opposing opinion is given. Go troll elsewhere bud.
  8. Mike5500

    Time trial won't open PS4 1.03

    I just signed out of PSN, closed the game. Signed back into PSN and relaunched the game. Same thing. I'm stuck on a loading screen as we speak and o players, no times still
  9. Mike5500

    Time trial won't open PS4 1.03

    @BarryBL I've filled out a bug report on this issue and have been waiting for any sort of response. When will the Time Trial problem be fixed?? Again, I cannot enter into TT while online. It stays at the loading screen. I have to sign out of PSN and restart the game. Only then can I enter time trials offline. The Leaderboards say there are 0 players and times are not being uploaded. The online services maintenance is over and this issue still remains
  10. Mike5500

    TT times

    I know PS4 is having a big issue. Myself, I can't open TT if I'm online. I have to sign out of PSN and restart the game to be able to enter TT offline. Even when I check the leaderboards when online which is about the only thing I can do with TT while signed in, it says 0 players and there's no times. When I complete a TT lap offline, it tells me my lap will be uploaded next time I'm connected to the network. It lied lol. I did a bug report on it so hopefully it's not on the back burner as in my view, it's a pretty big problem.
  11. Mike5500

    Time trial won't open PS4 1.03

    Bumping this up because I don't want it to get forgotten
  12. Mike5500

    Lap times appear to be faster in 2020

    Definitely faster. Just did a 1:43.729 at Spa. Balanced preset. Never seen a 1:43 from me in 2019. The grip is amazing
  13. I just did a 1:26.775 at Silverstone on a balanced preset setup... in 2019 I managed a 1:27.0 with a custom setup. I used no assists this time so maybe I'm just getting better but to me the grip of the car is a billion times better than in 2019. That could also be why.
  14. Mike5500


    It did fix it. Confirmed. Thanks 👌
  15. Mike5500

    Is any part of this game actually working?

    Agreed 100%. If it ain't ready then don't sell it