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  1. I always wonder why they don't utilize the in game Calendar and place each event where it belongs. Both 2019 and 2020, the Calendar is empty. At least do something with it
  2. @Jpfalcao this is directly from the Esports website. The tracks are somewhat accurate however sometimes it says GP when it is in fact a Featured Event. Hungary this week is an example of that. Also the Australia events were actually Austria. I think it was just a spelling error... I wouldn't count on it to be 100% accurate. More like 95%
  3. Hi, I'm interested. I'm Canadian and am looking for something close to home. I'm currently in a Dutch league and my connection to the host can be horrible. It ruins the races sometimes. Are there spots available?
  4. Is this just one Tier or do you have multiple? When does it start?
  5. Is this mostly USA/Canadian? I'm in a Dutch league and I'm looking for something closer to home. The connection to the host can be horrible. It ruins the enjoyment.
  6. @zZ A M P Aa here's the actual in game mail I received from F1 Esports confirming
  7. My god you couldn't be more wrong. I've literally been in contact with Esports because I've placed in the top 5 on numerous occasions and was offered a spot in the Time Trial route of the F1 Esports Series. But I'm sure you're right and I'm wrong. https://f1esports.com/qualification
  8. I asked a question waaaay back and was ignored by Admin. That question was as follows. The top 5 Weekly Event finishers each week are offered a spot in the Time Trial route of the F1 Esports Series 2021. Are these OBVIOUS cheaters that you don't remove before the event ends, getting one of those spots that should go to a player who actually earned it through hard work? Any reason why nobody wanted to answer this question? This Esports qualifying through Weekly Events has been going on for months now until April. I wonder how many people are getting spots that cheated. Care to answer??
  9. I think giving us the option to upload our own faces for our avatars would be great. I'm specifically talking about online races/league racing. When viewing others in qualifying for example, you can see the head of the avatar they've picked. It would be much better to be able to see who you're actually racing. I understand explicit pics could be uploaded or offensive pics so that would be for you guys ("the experts") to figure out how to moderate so faces are only allowed. I have no clue how it could be done, if at all but it's a suggestion that would be cool if it could be done. I'll add a pi
  10. My point is this Is a Featured Event where every thousandth counts. Less time equals higher score. So to have cars that you are about to lap stay in the way ruins the run. Sure I could have slown down and passed on the straight but I would have lost half a second or more which equates to 500 plus points gone. For context, I finished P10 out of like 13,000 players in this event. I set a goal of top 10 and things like this can ruin that. GP mode is completely different. Time isn't everything there. In a Featured Event it's everything.
  11. So I've been noticing lately as I run into the back of the AI, they ignore blue flags and stay on the race line. This is an absolute FAIL from whoever was in charge of both designing the AI for this Event and overseeing it. I've had multiple runs where I'm ahead of my time and what you see in the video happens and then it's all gone down the tube thanks to the lovely AI. Yes I can use a Flashback but guess what happens... yup, same thing. 20210202_200845.mp4
  12. Yes the replay/redo/flashback is definitely an option. I however do not like using it, especially during a qualifying lap. It defeats the purpose of trying to progress and get better. If you get in the habit of using a redo, you don't improve. It should be an absolute last resort. Like if you sneeze mid lap and cause a crash lol, then it's ok to use.
  13. This is true. I'd like if they move out of the way as you approach them into a corner too. This is exactly what happened to me. I was approaching a turn and coming up fast on Verstappen (his outlap). I was probably within a half second of him as he started his turn slowly on the racing line, I kept pushing hoping he would move but as I started my exit of the turn, I slammed into the back of him. They just stay on the race line as if you don't exist.
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