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  1. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Omline Services Login Error

    Same for me on PS4. Error Code 12. There must be an issue with CM servers. I'm sure once they wake up they'll take care of it... assuming it's not an apocalyptic problem. I've gotten the Error and then it went away, and I was able to connect to the online services again, but after a short time it booted me out again and back to the Error Code 12. I have no problem signing into PlayStation Network and my internet is fine and has been throughout this problem.
  2. Nevermind, spoke too soon. In the middle of a Japan hotlap I got this. And upon returning to the menu, I have this now. And after restarting the game, it's back to square one with the Error Code 12
  3. 10:49pm eastern standard time and it's working fine once again. There's hope everyone lol. Anybody else find it's working?
  4. Same for me. Canada as well. Error Code 12. Failed to log into online services. It's unrelated to PS4 but it happened to Xbox earlier. TRL Limitless's TSRL league race was postponed to next week because of server/connectivity issues. Hopefully this is sorted out before the Weekly races for Russia.
  5. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Car Liveries in multiplayer and My team

    No problemo
  6. Sir_Overtakesalot

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    8th gear, flat out. Take lots of kerb on the left hander before the uphill right hander. No jerky motions. I've taken it flat out in 8th using overtake from after turn 1. My poor driver almost S#!T himself lol.
  7. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Car Liveries in multiplayer and My team

    When you go to the customisation page and go to car liveries, you will see your car on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a button marked "use car livery". Hit that button, it's X for me as I'm on Ps4. It will ask you to select where you would like to use this car livery and then give you boxes labeled multiplayer and solo, and my team. If you check off both those boxes then you will be able to use your car livery for both those game modes.
  8. Sir_Overtakesalot

    If Russia - Sochi Autodrom went to highschool

    Just wanted to say that if Russia - Sochi Autodrom was in the highschool year book, it would say underneath, voted most likely to be invalidated.
  9. Sir_Overtakesalot

    No Points on Leaderboard for Weekly Event Race

    The AI difficulty is usually set somewhere around 40 or 50 for the GP races by CM, very low. It has no effect on the score for a Weekly Event GP. In a Featured Event, the difficulty bonus you see, is in fact based on what you as the player, set the AI difficulty to. The higher the AI difficulty is set, the higher the score will be.
  10. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Why !!!

    It's a glitch in the game. Better known as the RPM glitch. If you're trying to watch another car during short qualifying for example, it may happen. It is incredibly annoying. Also can happen at the end of the race or qualy like in the video you posted. If you check out TRL Limitless's last TSRL league race in China, it happens when he's trying to watch another player during qualifying. I'd rather listen to Marge Simpson howling in my opinion.
  11. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    Ya a 30.2.... Not possible. The player should be deleted already. Jarno Opmeer did a 31.9 PB, last time I checked. And that wasn't in a qualifying session where you get 3 or 4 tries. Everybody knows TT laps will always trump a qualy lap. My qualy lap for Singapore was a 33.7 My PB in TT is a 33.0.
  12. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Fuel strategy for the race

    @nitraMnotsA You want the majority of the race to be done using fuel setting 2. For the straights and while in DRS or overtake, you should switch to fuel mode 3 for maximum power. The only reason to use lean fuel or fuel mode 1 is to conserve fuel if you are getting low. Fuel mode 1 can also help with getting traction out of a slow turn, but I never bother with it. It's too much of a hassle switching fuel modes. Some will switch to lean on every slow turn but it's not necessary. When you enter the race and are given the strategy and fuel amount, add a little. If you have 20 litres for example, add .6 or .7 litres. It's better to have more fuel than less. You can always burn it off. Also the extra fuel does not affect the speed of the car when it's full at the start of a race. Everybody is full.
  13. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Weekly Event GP (could not find a suitable match)

    So I start my practice today for my first GP race at Singapore. I enter the 2pm EST race only to have it say "no suitable match found" and "retry or cancel"? I hit retry multiple times and it then takes me out of the Weekly Event and places me in the Ranked lobbies by myself. This is the first time this has happened and it's turning me off the Weekly Events. If there is a lack of people in an event, like Singapore where the numbers are quite low (3,822), it should just put you in a lobby alone with the AI. After all, it's not a real race. It's a 15 lap time trial. Winning means s%i+ if you're slow as a turtle. Nothing better than waiting an hour to try again 👎. Judging by the current Leaderboard, this is a wide spread issue. Alot of people that always have raced by now have not. Sure it could be they are busy but it's out of character for some to not have gone yet. I think it's time for me to seek out a competitive league, where you're not racing the clock and you race actual people.
  14. Sir_Overtakesalot

    MP car in TT but not Grand Prix mode

    Hi CM, on the next patch can you make the MP car usable in the offline GP mode please. I see it is now usable in TT so it would be great if it is also usable in GP mode. It will make for great practice for the Weekly Events using our Custom cars.
  15. Sir_Overtakesalot

    (Request for CM) All Wet Weekly Event GP

    Do you also use no assists? Because that's a whole different ballgame...