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  1. Sir_Overtakesalot

    CM please fix the AI in future games (qualifying)

    This is true. I'd like if they move out of the way as you approach them into a corner too. This is exactly what happened to me. I was approaching a turn and coming up fast on Verstappen (his outlap). I was probably within a half second of him as he started his turn slowly on the racing line, I kept pushing hoping he would move but as I started my exit of the turn, I slammed into the back of him. They just stay on the race line as if you don't exist.
  2. Sir_Overtakesalot

    CM please fix the AI in future games (qualifying)

    The AI during qualifying is horrendous. I was just doing an 18 minute session in GP mode. Settings were wet and 110%. The track was Spa. I was on my 4th and final lap with 2 and half minutes remaining. Unfortunately every car was now out on track as I started my lap. I could see on the track map the cars were evenly spaced apart. As I approached the cars, they didn't move at all. I was forced to go around one coming out of Eau Rouge, as I approached the next couple turns, I came upon Verstappen. As I started my apex, he didn't move and I ran into the back of him making my lap pointless. The problem is, they don't move. The same thing happens during Weekly Event Qualifying. If you happen to get stuck behind them when they are on an outlap or in lap, you're screwed. This really needs attention and fixing for future games.
  3. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Your Logitech G29 settings

    Vibration and force feedback strength 100 On Track Effects 0 Rumble strip effects 10 Off track effects 10 Wheel damper 5 Understeer enhance ON Maximum wheel rotation 360° Under the Calibration category, everything is 0 except for throttle saturation which is 7 and brake dead zone which is 5. Reason being my throttle started to not max out due to the crappy pedal set getting dusty and the sensors being thrown off so I adjusted it to not have that problem again. Works great now and no issues at not being at 100 percent throttle when pedal is fully depressed. Same for the brake. The last set I had, the brake got dusty and started breaking on its own. Having the brake not engage right away by setting the dead zone to 5 covered off that issue as well. My advice is get a Fanatec lol. I want the Esports set. The G29 is great but it lacks in longevity and inner craftsmanship. Outer design is great but too many potential problems arise from alot of use
  4. Sir_Overtakesalot

    CM I'm impressed

  5. Sir_Overtakesalot

    patch 1.15 equal performance in Time Trial

    The Merc is the fastest car. The MP is a Merc that doesn't look like a Merc, that's why I use it. It's no different, just visually. Use the Merc or MP to get the best time. Ignore all other cars.
  6. Sir_Overtakesalot

    patch 1.15 equal performance in Time Trial

    The engine performance is the same all around the table. You may find though that some cars handle a little differently due to geometry. Example being slightly longer, wider, wheelbase etc. Equal in this aspect means one car is not faster than another. Basically imagine every car has the exact same engine. The engine sounds will still be that of the original engine but all now have the same HP. I personally use my MP car for all my laps in TT. I like watching the car I designed in replay mode after I set a fastest lap. Hope this helps.
  7. @BarryBL I have a suggestion regarding Classic cars in Time Trial. It would be nice to be able to view the top times for each car from each track. It would mostly help with finding a good setup. For example, this weeks Event is Mexico GP with Classic cars. All top times into the thousands are done with the 2004 Ferrari. The fastest car offered for the event is the 1998 McLaren. Instead of being forced to scroll through the Leaderboard until the desired car is located, it would be much better to have the option to choose which car you'd like to view times of, and have all the times and setups used from that specific car available in the blink of an eye. I'm horrible at creating my own setups and I mostly rely on others that know what they're doing. Finding one sometimes on a Leaderboard of 30,000 players can be tough if it's not the fastest car. The 2004 Ferrari is mostly the fastest car for each track. If I'm looking for a setup for the 1998 McLaren on a track where the 2004 Ferrari is clearly the fastest car, it can be tough and time consuming to find. It would be nice to see that option in future games.
  8. Sir_Overtakesalot

    CM I'm impressed

    Just want to say it's an awesome thing giving us players the ability to choose equal car mode in Time Trials. Well done. It's a nice addition 👍 @BarryBL
  9. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode

    Some of the best words spoken. Unfortunately these people have a fascist mentality, they don't like it or agree therefore it shouldn't exist. It really is so simple. And this goes with every aspect of life, if you don't like something or disagree with it, don't use it, don't listen to it, don't support it but absolutely don't try and silence it and rid it of existence. Such an easy concept that people can't grasp
  10. Sir_Overtakesalot

    How many times can this game crash??

    Here's another lovely example of another TT issue. I've been in Hungary for about an hour in TT. I managed to beat my PB for a 13.1 I had no issues up til now. As I write this, the picture you see is what's on my screen still. Been about 10 minutes now. All I tried to do was go and view my new spot and I'm met with nothing. It's mind blowing. I guess the more you play, the more problems you encounter. It's such a kick A$$ game too. It's a shame it's got so many silly problems @DavidCopperTop I am using a Ps4 with a Sony tv so your input will not relate to my situation ie) video card/monitor. I appreciate you trying to help though
  11. Sir_Overtakesalot

    How many times can this game crash??

    I cannot count the amount of times my game has crashed while either trying to restart my session while in Time Trials or trying to view my fastest lap in spectator mode after I set a new fastest lap in Time Trials. I've literally lost count over the past 2 weeks. It's an absolute joke. This game is great but it's a rushed, unfinished, glitch fest. I've been seeing more of this blue screen than the actual game lately. I really hope EA doesn't rush it and they test it thoroughly so it actually functions properly... fingers crossed.🤞
  12. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Codemasters, you have just put the exact same Weekly Event back to back

    @siewcaChaosu here's a list of the upcoming events. This is straight from the Esports website. All have been accurate up to now... (besides the Japan duplicate)
  13. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Codemasters, you have just put the exact same Weekly Event back to back

    It's for real. The same event 2 weeks in a row. It's supposed to be a Bahrain GP. They won't change it. When they go on holidays or it's a weekend, they don't exist to the paying customer
  14. Sir_Overtakesalot

    Codemasters, you have just put the exact same Weekly Event back to back

    Or they could realize alot of people are still in lockdown and have very little to look forward to. So looking forward to a new event and getting the exact same one will be very disheartening for alot of people. If playing the game once a week is being disturbingly obsessed, I think you don't quite understand the definition of obsessed. But thanks for your argumentative comment. I myself could care less about the Event. I only did qualifying last week and this week I won't even do that. I do however care that alot of people will be upset by having the same event back to back. But you clearly know what's best for us all. It apparently bothers you that people like to play a game.
  15. @BarryBL Just thought you should know that last weeks Event is now also this weeks Event. Japan Classic GP back to back. I get it's Christmas and people are away, but how do you explain 2019 having a new event this week but 2020 has the exact same one again? Somebody messed up. I'm sure everybody that looks forward to the Weekly Events will be thrilled to see the exact one they just did for a second week in a row.