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  1. Greece was a ton of fun. Had a puncture on a long stage and stupidly decided against fixing it. Other than that and Phil’s “boot cut” call that throws me off (off the cliff literally) twice in the rally it was intense fun. 

    When I have a good clean stage and see some of the leader’s times and how much faster they are especially on Greece it’s shocking. I run default setup and don’t practice / memorize the stages before going but still these guys are scary good to be that fast.  

    Currently am in 642nd or around about. 




  2. I couldn’t get it to pop on in the replay, but co-driver in Poland really is late with calls sometimes.  I was in air off that jump when he was like “oh btw there is a 3 left whenever you land.”  99% of the time crashes are my fault, but this one was his.  🙂



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