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    Please do pass this along as evidence.

    This happened this morning, as if F1 knew I could do with some proof of their bad AI. Or maybe it just happens A LOT. I nailed every complaint in the space of 2 corners, enjoy.

    1. (No penalties for damage) Lewis smashes his front wing into my front and then back wheels, takes no damage, spins me off and retains 2nd place. (Damage level:SIMULATION).

    2. (Not ceding places) Lewis can fight for corner 1, but by corner 2 has lost the place, but refuses to brake OR take a penalty for going over the kerb, so spins me instead. In slow mo, you can SEE him turning into my back wheel.

    3. (AI ignoring each other) Bottas is on my outside and we are racing for places, yet Lewis is still racing me like I have somewhere to go on the outside, trying to force me wide. In a corner which he has no intention of going off the track for.

    4. (Not AI's fault apparently) No notification of what should be a 2 second penalty for Lewis causing a major accident.

  2. Problem 1. The AI get no penalties for damage and drive accordingly, they don't care if their car gets damaged.

    Problem 2. The AI REFUSE to cede a place until COMPLETELY OVERTAKEN. They will race you into half a car width of a corner on street circuit even though you're 3/4 of a car length ahead.

    Problem 3. The AI driving against other AI ignore the player or each other. If 3 wide and you're on the outside, the second car keeps racing the first and ignores you. Often results in the player being pushed off wide or spun even when the player is marginally in front. If you're in the middle, even in front, they will attempt to sandwich you. Not intentionally, just because they both race you and ignore each other.

    Problem 4. The AI is "perfect" and therefore any collisions caused are the players fault.

  3. @BarryBL Adding in my name; Steam ID: glenmack, Steam Username:Mack, Place 665th, top 9%.

    No prizes in my mail. My first week competing in the game since I bought the game last week. Not a good look for my first week. Also, all the stats for the featured race went into the unranked stats, while the practice and qualifying correctly showed up in featured event. Completing the event got me the achievement for weekend warrior, which is the GP achievement, instead of the Featured Event achievement, which I still don't have.



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