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  1. Exactly! I want to stop and start from a place (slope) only for practicing purposes. In free roam for example
  2. But it's a little strange to see this feature in a car which wasn't supposed to have one. DR promotes themselves as a simulator, it's twice as strange to not be able to switch this option off. What if I want to teach my niece to drive with manual transmission, to catch a car on a slope by clutch pedal for example? Thank you for your response though.
  3. If you stop a car, set neutral gear, release brake pedal, you would see red exclamation mark which signals that handbrake is on
  4. Hi! I'm using manual transmission with Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. If, for example, I'm stopping at a slope, setting neutral gear and pressing a clutch pedal, in real life a car would roll down a slope, but in DR 2.0 without any reason automatic handbraking is applied (you can see an exclamation mark at the right bottom of a screen). So is there any way to disable such a behavior?