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  1. I second this! Actually feels like that while racing that all the AI does is drive straight on the racing line... no mistakes, oversteers/understeers or avoiding some contact
  2. C4MPS

    Car setup screen

    Hey everyone, Just got my game a few days ago as there were delays for Canada, but so far Im loving it. I'm not as experienced as I would say 95% of the people on here but, Im learning and have recently become a new fan of F1. Played 2019 and before that I think it was 2011 on ps3. That said, what I have noticed with these games is the car setup screens are always the same for the most part. I thought a new idea would be to actually show a full car model, and when adjusting certain aspects of the car, actually show the adjustments you are making and what they are doing? For a newbie like me and learning what camber/toe is on a car setup, or what the wing setups do etc; would be a good addition rather than see the same outline graphic of the car all the time? maybe I shouldn't have to go to youtube all the time to view tutorials LOL (although there are some very knowledgeable videos) Anyways, thats just my opinion. For the more experienced not sure this would mean anything 🤷‍♂️
  3. C4MPS

    release date in Canada

    I went to go and pick up mine today.... They said NOPE! never got any shipped to their warehouse. When they get here they get here, could be weeks one guy said