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  1. I'd think of it as a sim at the game end of the spectrum, compared to GT/Forza, which are games - as opposed to a full on sim like iRacing for example. The recent e-Sport events using iRacing; IMSA, Nascar, Indycar were all pretty impressive - and attracted most of the top drivers, as I suspect most of them use it as a tool of the trade. Now compare to the F1 e-Sports event, which used a 'game' and attracted hardly any of the top drivers. It would be interesting to know what rally drivers use for a sim, and how Dirt Rally & WRC series compare. Also, why haven't we yet seen a WRC e-Sports event? Must be the only major series which hasn't bothered with one.
  2. Better Tarmac handling - driving on gravel and tarmac usually requires a different driving style, i;e neater, almost circuit style lines for tarmac is quicker. Yet in this game, you drive it like a gravel surface for quick times. Co driver - This may not be popular, or possible; but as well as pace notes, I'd like to see old style 'route notes' or 'map info' for the Historic events/ cars. It would add a different element to your driving - you can't just drive flat out when the info isn't 100 per cent reliable. Old stages - Redo some of the classic stages, especially ones from CMR1; Forest of Bowland in the mist, Dolgellau in the night, etc Tyre choice - Having to make a tyre choice for 2-3 stages, when there maybe different stage conditions/weather, so you end up making a compromised choice - something first seen on CMR1. Finally, maybe another tarmac event, say based on Sanremo or Zlin. And if we could have another GB event, maybe either Kielder and/or Yorkshire, including the Woodyard in Dalby....😉