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  1. Pin6all_Wizard

    Cheater in Multiplayer

    I chuckled reading this: Read before download: Cheat engine is for educational purposes only. Before you attach Cheat Engine to a process, please make sure that you are not violating the EULA/TOS of the specific game/application. cheatengine.org does not condone the illegal use of Cheat Engine
  2. Pin6all_Wizard

    There is a F1 2020 Section - Why Not Use It???

    Yes - why is it still a shambles?? You've replied on a Sunday, so instead of replying to me, do something useful. Not even a banner at top like "F1 2020 Known Key Issues" to tell all that there is a F1 2020 section and to use it.
  3. Pin6all_Wizard

    There is a F1 2020 Section - Why Not Use It???

    The F1 2020 section should have been up at least weeks ago. As a comparison, the VW Golf Forum Mk8 section was up in Autumn 2019. The car is not yet on the roads. If it was a blinding glimpse of the obvious to me, then those who have been here much, much longer should have twigged!! Lesson identified - Think it is called getting ahead of the curve!! Lesson learned - Note to moderator self - start F1 2021 section early and put up sticky!!
  4. Pin6all_Wizard

    There is a F1 2020 Section - Why Not Use It???

    Well, I'm surprised that the moderators haven't taken charge and put a sticky on the 2019 section. Doesn't bode well!!!
  5. Why aren't the F1 2020 topics posted on the F1 2020 newly created section?? Moderators - I think you should move all the F1 2020 stuff to the correct forum.
  6. Pin6all_Wizard

    (UK) Driving Shoes

    Well, that seems very odd. In my account signature box is: Fanatec DD1, Formula V2 + APM, V3 pedals, CSL P1 wheel. ButtKicker Gamer2 + Creative Play 3. AMD R 7-3800, STRIX X570-I, 32Gb, 1Tb SSD, 2080Ti. DTT2200 5.1. Samsung C49RG90. Slick Steel Cobra F1c rig. And I see it on all my posts. I did note an option in signature settings to view signatures, and mine is selected.
  7. Pin6all_Wizard

    (UK) Driving Shoes

    In signature - Fanatec DD1, Formula V2 + APM, V3 pedals,........
  8. Pin6all_Wizard

    (UK) Driving Shoes

    Ok - are you using them?? If so which, where from and ££??
  9. Are they linked?? I have turned Brake Assist from Low to Off but left Traction Control on Full and Anti Lock Brake is on. But accelerating out of a slow corner, like Austria Turn 3, when braking is not involved, and Traction Control seems to be less effective with spinning off. The only change has been Brake Assist. So wondered if there is a link or if there is another Assist setting other than the main menu??
  10. Pin6all_Wizard

    (UK) Driving Shoes

    My barefeet and socks aren't quite enough and brake foot sole, in particular, is feeling the pressure. So reckon I need something thin that will still allow plenty of feel. I've tried a pair of moccasins but they have a hard plastic sole which is too much insulation. So was thinking of moccasins with leather or suede sole. Ballet shoes could be good?? Wondered what others were using?? And needs to be available in UK.
  11. Doesn't seem to be a simple comparison table of tick boxes around???
  12. Pin6all_Wizard

    Broadcast Telemetry Setting

    Think I've found the problem. When SimHub starts and finds F1 2019 Broadcast On, it requests to reconfigure and switches broadcast off. Then the Iko Rein Telemetry app doesn't run. So a SimHub issue to take up with SH.
  13. Pin6all_Wizard

    Bug Reports

    In the sticky: HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT- Please Read Before Posting There is reference to a template. But can't find it in the post?? Grateful for a pointer??
  14. Pin6all_Wizard

    F1 2019 I'm so out of my depth....but persevering

    Best bet to ask Moderators is to report the post with the reason.
  15. Pin6all_Wizard

    Shaking Wheel

    This was my wheel shaking- Fanatec DD1 in high torque: It was a combination of low FPS and a laptop struggling just a little!! New PC is fine.