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  1. Pin6all_Wizard


    A couple of topics now on F1 2021 - so perhaps the Mods could start a new F1 2021 section early???
  2. Pin6all_Wizard

    No longer enjoying F1 2020

    George Russell, won Esports F12020 Silverstone GP on Sunday, commented after the race that F1 2020 physics was so much improved over F1 2019. He thought it was good - "much more realistic". Perhaps he should know?? 1m24.15 onwards at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_x53maksf4
  3. I'm using W10 on a PC with a 49" Samsung Ultra Wide Screen. I view programmes in windows about A4 size, and drag them to the centre area of the screen. I'm using a bluetooth keyboard with a track pad. As I move my finger on the trackpad, the displayed windows have a random habit of flying across the screen and down into the left hand bottom corner. Which is getting a little boring. I can't find a setting to disable this action?? Any suggestions.
  4. Pin6all_Wizard

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Enjoy F1 games but ACC and GT3 cars are a real hoot. The large Bentley Continental GT3 feels huge, the engine and mechanical sounds are great. And it is huge fun to drift and slide round the corners. Such fun and doubled up with laughter!! Well worth buying.
  5. I want to reduce the volume of just the gear and DRS beeps. There doesn't seem to be any separate volume control for them in the normal audio settings. Are there any settings in config files that can be adjusted??
  6. Pin6all_Wizard

    What camera do you use?

    Yes, agree so doesn't really matter. But it is an overall performance assist. On Leaderboards you'd see what view was being used. It would be interesting to see the fastest CV times. For leagues and esports, it would ensure a level playing field. Finally, many complain about lack of realism but then sit on the airbox. CV may lack some realism, but TC etc is completely unrealistic.
  7. Pin6all_Wizard

    Replay - Select Lap To View

    Brilliant!! Doing TT I only want to watch the fastest lap. What a shame. Would have though there could be a skip feature to at least skip laps rather than fast forward. Just like a telly remote.
  8. Pin6all_Wizard

    An Online PDF Manual?

    As with F1 2019, I think should be one. Please. Unless in F1 2020 there are now good on screen explanations of all settings - which wasn't the case in the 2019 version.
  9. Pin6all_Wizard

    Replay - Select Lap To View

    Yet to start F1 2020 and there doesn't appear to be a simple online manual, and haven't found any topic. And I'm not yawning through YT videos. During replay, can a lap to view be selected??
  10. I'm looking at trying to mount a smartphone, just happen to have an iPhone SE, which I want to mount on a Fanatec Formula V2 wheel, roughly in position as in pics between the red toggles and top of wheel. Doesn't matter if I loose sight of LEDs, but keep OLED display. Had a google for holders and cradle, but not found anything. Perhaps a "U" channel using the screws left and right of LEDS?? Grateful for any ideas on brackets etc??
  11. Pin6all_Wizard

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit with halo disabled - in real life eyes/brain wouldn't register it being there. I'll do a few laps at a new circuit in Tcam to learn layout, and then switch. Yet to see a racing driver with head at Tcam level?? I adjust head height to be realistic as well as fore/aft position. Would be good to remove hands and wheel, but I use the wheel info until I get a phone wheel dash. In a real single seater, particularly with the G forces, there is precious little scope to move head around, about the same as 15 degrees look to apex, and certainly not over the side to see the curb. Fov 0.80 with 49" 32:9 at 55cm. Have look to apex at max 15, but following comment above, may try to reduce to see if it improves corner entry. Non cockpit view should be considered an assist.
  12. Pin6all_Wizard

    unpossible lap times

    More chat on same topic with acouple of suggestions for CM.
  13. Pin6all_Wizard

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    >If the codies doesn't realise this is a cheater then I guess they just don't care. If that's the case I'm out, I'll demand a refund and never look back to the game. Agree. I don't think they care. I've sent a couple of emails to the CM head office, one congratulatory, and the replies read like a civil servant response - getting blanked and completely devoid of anything.
  14. Pin6all_Wizard

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    >The issue arises when you identify an user and outs him as a cheater.  Yes. I agree you can't or shouldn't identify the real person name and details. Of course who is setting the bar?? The Police identify suspects before any court case and release what may be an innocent name. If you've got a friendly MP, perhaps some assistance and parliamentary privilege🤔🤔 CM should be able to release real names after an investigation. But there is little in the T&Cs. And gamers should be able to discuss and draw attention to online IDs?? Perhaps to congratulate a good lap or call out something perhaps dubious.
  15. Pin6all_Wizard

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    Absolutely. And my €2cts, CM should establish fastest lap time based on Real World pole times and the best gaming times for each circuit - F1 and F2 . After all it is supposed to be a roughly accurate game. With lock down, many of us have been following the Esports races and the best drivers are becoming household names. CM must have a pretty good idea of who they are and what is achievable. Anything faster, I would say 0.5 second, is on a separate league table as unverified. It would be then up to the driver to actively prove their time to CM staff by submitting game logs etc etc. Unfortunately the T&Cs are a little sparse; found only 1 mention of cheating and no sanctions etc: technical and usage information/analytics. Our success relies on us producing games that our customers want to play. To help us to ensure we make the very best games we may collect and analyse the data that we hold to find out what is most likely to appeal to individual customers of our Games, the Site and Services this will enable us to enhance Codemasters Games or services and this information will also enable us to detect cheating and activities that ruin the experience of players using our games, security risks, fraud and other unlawful activity; >It doesn't really matter if it is only an internet alias or their real name; as long as there is a real person behind that namertag, someone can always tinker and find out a way to compromise him. Even if their real identity is never revealed, their account can be compromised, passwords stolen and so on. I'm afraid if you put an id in a public domain, then it is open to be displayed - which it is - and by extension have attention drawn to it and perhaps even be commented on. Perhaps the cheaters reckon they are untouchable because of the policy?? And presumably those achieving the incredible times want to draw attention to themselves?? Otherwise, they wouldn't be doing it. But the cheaters do need the book throwing at them - and game license withdrawn.