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  1. y0han123

    Ego dumper crash every race (PC)

    I still get occasional crashes now and then but since i unplugged my Logitech headphones and my TV hdmi, disabled steam overlay and reverted nvidia drivers it works semi good. The crashes are more far apart, so it's playable. I can't tell 100% that it's the headphones. But it feels like it started running better when i unplugged them. But I still get crashes so idk.. maybe its the wheel. lol it feels stupid writing all this. cheers
  2. Ok so i enabled vsync. I unpluged the Tv and it was still crashing. I tried dx 11 also crash. Then i noticed something weird. When online, even though I had my audio set on my speakers when other people spoke I heard them in my headphones. So i unplugged my usb g430 logitech headphones and now i played for like 5 hours without a crash. Could it be that my headphones were causing the problem? I had some usb problems with them before. They were appearing and disappearing like they can't connect before and they also randomly stopped working in csgo sometimes. Anyhow after 20+ in game hours with crashes and frustration I think I can finally play. Thanks for all the help. You are doing gods work here, helping nubs like me.
  3. I'm not going to mess around in the bios for this game to work. Well maybe not yet. The other display is just my Tv conected. I'm not using it like a dual display and I heard v-sync lowers the fps. I'll try it with vsync on and tweak some settings to lower and see what happens. With the old nvidia drivers I can sometimes even finish a race but that feeling that you know the crash is coming is terrible. Thanks for all the help but i'm starting to think its unsolvable. Is codemasters still updating this game? Maybe there is hope.
  4. I don't know what exactly to do with the bios. Do I just run the exe? I'm afraid i'll mess something up File management is set to automatic, i re-installed windows. I downgraded the drivers. It seemed to be working once I downgraded the drivers. It was good for a while but I started getting them again. I don't know. Here's the new dxdiag if maybe you can spot something 😕 DxDiag.txt
  5. Hey, I've been playing this game for 20 odd hours and it's been crashing constantly. It looks like my Microsoft Sidewinder wheel is crashing the game. I'm getting appdata temp folder errors. If I leave it unplugged the game runs fine. Did someone experience something like this before? Some help would be greatly appreciated. dxdiag + steam and ego crash dumps attached. DxDiag.txt egodumper.log crash_dump#614494-20200406-043340-0.zip
  6. y0han123

    PC - Crashing to desktop April - NVIDIA

    same here. i am going mad
  7. Hey, I also feared mi windows were the problem. I did what you said and reinstalled Windows and formatted both drives. Error still occurs. Here's the new dxdiag if you don't mind taking a look. I'm gonna poke around with dx11 and I'll try to disable steam overlay, but this didn't work before so i'm not expecting any changes. It's frustrating because it crashes cca 15 min into the game. I'll try a new career. Maybe the save file is corrupted. It's strange how it kept my safe file even tough I erased everything, guessing steam saves it. Thanks for the help. DxDiag.txt
  8. Sorry for lack of better words and sentencing. I am tired and drunk and want to play this game. You guys are awesome. Any help would be supper appreciated. Stay safe and don't get corona malware.
  9. Game freezes sporadically and returns an egodump crash. Something to do with appdata. PC Version: 1.22 Game mode: Career (haven't played anything else) What happened in the lead up to the problem?: No fps drops or anything just a sudden freeze and an egodump error after If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: dxdiag and crash report below Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): microsoft sidewinder force feedback wheel (lol) By god i will provide any more info if needed. What i did so far: disabled steam overlay tried both dx12 an 11 verified game files deleted the f1 folder in MyGames folder Tried running in -safemode(steam) Running a windows repair tool to recover any lost regs or smtin What i noticed is that if i got a crash i couldn't get back in without restarting, but when i unpluged the usb wheel i got back in. Which i find super weird. When I tried installing a pirated f18 game a few days back (******* sue me, I bought f1 19 one day after) I got an unarcdll error. can't remember exactly what it said. so i tried messing around with the sysWOW64, folder and increasing the virtual memory of both drives. No success. I got the game to work when i tried the repack version. Appdata was also mentioned in this f18 trubleshoot process so I'm assuming the problem is the same. I have the game on D drive and windows, steam on master drive. I'm so clueless. ***** lord mary ******* christ i've been trying to make this game to work for 10 hours now. If its something to do with the steering wheel or usb drivers i'm gonna shoot myself in the ******* head. anyone had this before? crash_dump#614494-20200403-132024-0.zip DxDiag.txt egodumper.log