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  1. Ah. Rats. If you ever switch to Steam, you're welcome to join. We're always looking for people who are looking for good fair racing. Cheers!
  2. We race on PC. There are currently two tiers of F1, and we're trying to get a Tier 3 together for poor saps like me who can't compete with the super fast drivers. 😉 Here's a T1 race from Australia:
  3. Check out Apollo Racing Club. We have a great field of drivers who DON'T troll or drive dirty. If they do, they are removed. I agree completely that most online racing is a nightmare. That's why I joined ARC, and it's a blast. All races are streamed and commentated. https://www.apolloracing.club/
  4. Yeah, this is nuts! EA don't exactly have a great reputation, but paying more than double for this year's game is ludicrous. I certainly hope they realize (and soon!) that this is not acceptable, and will cost them sales.
  5. So, after reading your post, I assume you're asking for split-screen co-op mode? Not a bad idea, but not one that was ever advertised by EA or Codies. It would be a great addition in the future though.
  6. This is definitely something I would like to see. I remember looking at the seasons with 20 or 16 races and thinking, "But I want to be able to race THAT track and not THIS one. Why can't I select which ones I race?" No change this year apparently (haven't started My Team yet). Sad panda.
  7. So you insult the devs, but expect them to jump and fix the problem? I understand there are bugs that have been in the game before. I've noticed a few as well. But being rude isn't going to help anything.
  8. This is a pretty general request. You'd probably have better traction if you provided some details of ideas you have in this area.
  9. Did anyone else notice that the first few notes of the main theme are the same as the first few notes of Pink Floyd's Granchester Meadows? Totally get that song stuck in my head every time I play. 🙂
  10. This is great advice. I race cockpit view, so I hadn't considered checking external camera angles to see the alignment of the car, position of tires, etc. Thanks very much.
  11. Forgive this question, but what is a lime wing? And to be honest, damage to the car makes a huge difference in performance. Hamilton had floor damage in a race this year, and it prevented him from even getting on the podium, despite being in 2nd when it happened. Wing damage is critical, and can cost you hugely depending on the extent. I haven't had a chance to fully test the damage model as much as I would like, but I very much like the change, as it adds realism to the game. It needs tweaking, but that's something that will happen over time as more data is gathered.
  12. Alonso may have used overtake, which adds 160 hp. He may also have gotten a better exit from the previous corner. Lots of factors. The power of the cars isn't that much different, so on a straight you can't really expect to just catch up and overtake another car every time. Hope this helps.
  13. I understand what you're saying, and to be honest, I wasn't totally serious about ZERO throttle. I usually feather the throttle when riding kerbs, and maybe I need more practise (likely) but the number of times I spin is insane, and I've been racing without assists for a long time. The kerbs just seem extra slick this year.
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