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  1. Me: "Gap to the car ahead." Jeff: "Confirmed, we'll fit the intermediate tires in your next stop." Worst part, I didn't think I had another stop, so I ignored him, then forgot all about it. Then I did have to stop, and he actually did put the intermediate tires on. They lasted until turn 5 and turned to molten rubber. 🤣 Also, we should be able to give commands to Jeff about pit stop changes (tires, wing) while we're trundling down the pit lane. We're always at the far end, so there's time for the mechanics to run back in and get a different set of tires. 😛
  2. DrDraken

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    Thanks very much. That's what I was hoping. And 900 is fine for what I need. Heck, I have the T300 set to 370! 🙂 The brakes in an actual F1 car require approximately 80 kgs of pressure to depress. Probably a lot easier to do when you're strapped to a seat and have a few G's helping you out. Is the pressure not adjustable on the loadcell pedal?
  3. DrDraken

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    Question for you: Is the TX comparable to the T300RS? I'm looking at getting a used one and ripping apart the wheel to use the parts to build a custom Formula wheel.
  4. DrDraken

     technical failure

    Agreed. I think we should have things happen to us. Unfortunately, many people would complain because "it's a game and why would a racing game prevent me from racing?" so it's a bit of a weird one for Codemasters. How about an option to turn on Random Failures for the player?
  5. DrDraken

     technical failure

    The only way a player can have a technical or mechanical failure is if the part reaches 100% wear. It's been a request for quite a while to have random stuff happen to the player as well as the AI, so you're not alone. 🙂
  6. DrDraken

    F1 2020

    Perhaps use a title that is relevant to the post, such as "Frame rate drops when SC or VSC deployed" Makes it easier to find in the list, and lets people know what the post is about. Also, if you include a DxDiag file, someone here might be able to tell you if it's a hardware-related issue.
  7. DrDraken

    Team Wear

    If you mean the pit crew, yes. Their colours are also determined by your My Team colours. The stitching may be one of the particular colours, and I've noticed that it looks rather ragged, depending on which colour is used. I try to hide it by making that colour close to the one it's near. The customization options definitely need work, but none of that is priority at this point. I'm happy to let them get the big bugs squashed first, then go on to Quality of Life enhancements.
  8. DrDraken

    Struggling to make the turns

    Remember "Broken Telephone" from grade school? "I have a dog named Spot." ... "Attack helicopters landed in my back yard last night and kidnapped my neighbour, but mysteriously left me alive and unharmed." Also, did the pedal test in the settings. T300RS with standard pedal set. The pedal is plugged into the wheel base, and the wheel base is plugged into the computer. That never gets disconnected. Started the game without touching any of the pedals. Went to settings and slowly pressed each of the pedals. As you can see in the video, they jump from about 40 to 100. I pressed each all the way down, then released. On the second press, the pedals were all good. But on that first press, if I had been starting a race and feathering in the throttle, it would have jumped to 100% and I likely would have spun. Pedals_Uncalibrated.mp4
  9. DrDraken

    New helmet models

    I often wondered why Codemasters would have to pay a company like Bell to use their helmets in the game, when it's free advertising for Bell. Shouldn't it be the other way around? 🤣
  10. DrDraken

    My Team car appearence

    There are a few people here, including me, who do agree with you.
  11. DrDraken

    Being able to see which device is used in Time Trial

    You are not alone.
  12. DrDraken

    Multiplayer MyTeam

    Simple: One of you makes all the business decisions, and the other does all the driving. No coding necessary. 😉
  13. DrDraken

    Team Wear

    Your crew uniforms are based on your Team colours. If you move the colours around, the colours on the shirts change. Crew pants are always black.
  14. DrDraken

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I did the Ember Fade in exactly the same colours. And the Stars and Stripes also looks excellent in black and gold.
  15. DrDraken

    Struggling to make the turns

    The next time I turn on my computer and start playing F1 2020, I'm going to intentionally NOT touch either of the pedals until I start the race. I'm honestly curious to know if they are calibrated or not on the first press. I could probably test it in the settings page as well. If they are 0-100 in a tiny press, it will be very apparent.
  16. DrDraken

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    I'm looking at getting the Fanatec CSL LC pedal set, since I'm on PC. Eventually I'll be going to a Fanatec rig, and you can use the T300 with the Fanatec pedals on PC, so no sense buying the Thrustmaster pedals. The price difference is $50 (Canada, where the dollar is worth almost as much as that roll of white stuff hanging in your bathroom).
  17. DrDraken

    F1 2020 Wheel Sensitivity

    Really hard to say based on what you've provided. Which wheel is it? What software version do you have? How old is the wheel? Does it do this every time? Or did it happen just the once? Check the wheel settings to make sure they are still as they should be. Not a bad idea to do a search (here or in general) for good settings for your particular wheel.
  18. DrDraken

    Monza track ugly

    I know it's important to stop and smell the roses, but this might be the one exception. 😉
  19. DrDraken

    Qualifying pace questions

    Jeff: We've looked at the times that we estimate our CLOSEST RIVALS will set during qualifying. Me: Ok, gotta match Williams. Puts in the fastest lap I can possibly do. Jeff: That time wasn't fast enough (or, if I'm lucky, I'll get Green). Me: Looks at the timing boards, sees my time is #2, only 0.1 seconds slower than LEWIS HAMILTON.
  20. DrDraken

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    Actually, since the G25. 😛 I've had a G25 and a G29, and the FFB is identical. The G29 is a far better wheel for Formula racing, as it has the buttons in reach. But the GHub software gave me grief, and the way the registry file would be changed if you played other games, causing the wheel to stop being recognized by windows... I got a T300 and put an end to the misery. If you're on console, the Logitech wheels are still really good. The FFB is clacky, but the wheel is very solid - I had my G25 for almost 7 years before I sold it, used it with the PS3 and put a few hundred hours on it in Gran Turismo. The software isn't an issue; they just work. But on PC (at least for me) it was an entirely different story.
  21. DrDraken

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    Full races are reserved for upper body workouts. 😉
  22. DrDraken

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    This ^ Unfortunately, I only have the standard pedals right now, but it's still amazing. I started with the G25. Great set, extremely well built, but dated. Almost all the buttons are on the shifter unit, so it's hard to use for Formula driving. I then upgraded to a G29. Beautiful. Solid build, great pedals. The FFB is done by helical gears, so the resolution is a bit low so it doesn't give really accurate force feedback. It's also really loud. When you hit curbs and the gears start a-clackin, turn up the tv. 😛 Then I found a T300 for a great price and had to jump on it. The standard rim is excellent, but being able to change it for different types of driving is amazing. I picked up the F1 rim and absolutely love it. The Thrustmaster units use dual belts for FFB. Much quieter and much more accurate. With that said, if you can afford it, go with a rig like PJTierney has. Fanatec makes fantastic gear. But a new T300 is a few hundred dollars. A new Fanatec wheel base + rim + pedals can cost a few thousand.
  23. DrDraken

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I read somewhere that people who purchased the fancy edition would get enough coins to get the VIP pass each season. It didn't specifically state that the coins were those that are earned during the season. So, if that's the case, then we need to make sure we save 9,000 coins each season in order to be able to get the next one?
  24. DrDraken

    Is there a way to get race updates on track?

    50 yards from turn 11 in Australia, 4 laps from the end of the race, Jeff: "We have 5 laps of fuel remaining."
  25. DrDraken

    MyTeam contract renewal

    There was another post about this, and as a result I actually paid attention to the data that comes up when you're at HQ. It shows that your team mate's contract is up on July 6th (for me), which at the time gave me 8 weeks to save the money for a new driver. Most people don't necessarily see that information, and it's a nasty sticker-shock when you get the news with no warning. Maybe add something to remind the player that a new driver will be needed in X weeks, so might want to consider saving for that.