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  1. DrDraken

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    I bet, if I tweeted that to #AskCrofty during a race at Monaco, he'd read it on air. 🙂
  2. DrDraken

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    I don't even use engine braking that much, nor the quick down-up shifting to maintain stability. I drive the car like a car - and oftentimes wish it felt like it ( hint, hint, Codies 😉 ). And after a while, I get into a nice rhythm that gets tighter as I learn the finaggly little points of the circuit. But Monaco is ALL finaggly little points.
  3. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    Very true! Doing anything 50 or 60 times in a row will make you better. Except Monaco. I actually believe Monaco can only be properly raced with people who can step out of the normal time-space continuum. 👽
  4. DrDraken

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    That's one of the things I'm still learning. What setting does what, and where exactly do I put them. I have a setup that I found that gives me a starting point. Then I tweak things a bit at a time and test it to see what effect it has.
  5. DrDraken

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    Agreed. I like to watch the replay of my races, and upload those, so people can watch the race instead of just watching me drive around the whole time. But it's impossible to know what place I'm in, how much time has passed, what lap I'm on, or anything. There's literally nothing on the screen! Also, please add some more camera angles during the replay. The Baku replay showed my car going through the castle section from the overhead view. Every. Single. Lap. O_o Maybe a chance to show onboard views as well, to change it up?
  6. DrDraken

    Color Codes

    Did anyone else scroll down and see Bottas' driving setup in his apartment? Droooool!
  7. DrDraken

    Wheel Transitioning Tips

    I would turn off all assists except ABS, traction control (and maybe racing line if you don't know the tracks). That keeps your wheels turning most of the time, without spinning them too badly and causing a large loss of traction. Remember the golden rule: Slow in, Fast out. Get used to hitting the brakes at the right time, hard at first because the high downforce helps prevent lockups, then release gradually as your speed decreases. Once you get used to braking smoothly, turn off ABS. You'll probably lock up your brakes a lot at first, but you'll get used to how much you have to release the brakes as you slow down. Then it's a matter of learning the weird things about each track, like your right-front locking super easily at the bottom of the hill before the right turn toward the hairpin at Monaco. Accelerating is the exact same idea. Start with a bit of gas at first, and slowly increase as your speed gets higher. If you put your foot down too fast, you will spin your wheels. It's hard not to with 1000+ horsepower and ridiculous amounts of torque at your disposal. The other "rule" is: "The amount of gas or brake is directly related to how straight your wheels are." In other words, if you try to brake too hard while you're turning, you will lose traction. If you try to accelerate too fast while turning, you will spin. Brake in a straight line as much as possible - there are corners where you have to trail brake, but worry about those once you've mastered the transition to the wheel and pedals. Then, practise like crazy (darn, you have to play a lot of video games). And above all, enjoy the experience you get from DRIVING the car around the track, instead of just controlling it. 😉
  8. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    Well, there's those things, I suppose. Hehe. One of the reasons it's at the bottom of my list is because I don't know it well enough to really extract all the time out of it. It did become more fun toward the end of the race, when I was able to take corners at higher speeds (having gotten used to them). It may also be the fact that my engine, turbo, gearbox, and MGU-h all went poopoo during the race, and I limped over the line, barely able to get into 8th gear. 🤣 I kept thinking of Nigel Mansell in Dallas in 1984 - the first F1 race I ever watched - when he tried to push his car over the line.
  9. DrDraken

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    I'll try that. The only problem with that is, the handling suffers horribly when you aren't using the engine to increase turn-in. 🙄
  10. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    I'm not sure how much I'll like the My Team feature. I'll try it, for sure, but I don't really know what to expect at this point. I just hope they fixed a bunch of the issues relating to the game. Handling, AI, Penalties, Safety Car, to name a few.
  11. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    On my last few laps, I was barely getting into 8th gear on the long straight. It was ridiculous. I never considered changing the ICE and Turbo in addition to the gearbox for FP1 and 2. Maybe I'll just keep this one as the practise one from now on. It's got about 50 laps left before it keels over and blows a conrod through the engine cover. Good luck on finishing the career in that time. Doing one season would be a race every 3 days or so. But if you plan to do the entire 5 year (or is it 10?!) career, then don't forget to sleep once in a while. 🤣
  12. DrDraken

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    Ouch! Glad you're back in (mostly) good shape again. O_o
  13. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    Yeah, if the game decides your components are totally done and DNF's you, there's not much you can do about it. Have you sunk a bunch of resources into durability upgrades? Apparently that's the thing to focus on first - especially the ICE and gearbox.
  14. DrDraken

    My Quest to Conquer Monaco

    Funnily enough, I don't think I've ever driven anything less than an S-Class car around that track! Good advice. I worked under a Musical Director once who told me pretty much the same thing. "Learn to play this slowly without stumbling and it's easy to speed up." Good advice in both worlds. First you get good, then you get fast.
  15. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    During my race at Baku, Jeff gave me all sorts of lovely news. "We're seeing an alarming amount of wear on the ICE. Try to take it easy on it." (gets passed on long straight) "The turbo is on its last legs. You'll see a reduction in power." (gets passed on long straight) "Your gearbox is showing a lot of wear. Try to minimize your shifts." (loses 4th gear, gets passed by two people on long straight) "Your MGU-H is showing a great deal of wear. Revving the engine will exacerbate the issue." Good GAWD, Jeff! Is there anything that ISN'T broken?! 🤣
  16. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    Baku is actually my least favourite track. A whole bunch of quick dashes to the braking zone, then a long (dare I say, boring?) straight. I just don't find it fun to drive. Monaco, at least, has the appeal of being Monaco, and as bad as I am on that track, I do enjoy the challenge of putting together a really good lap. When I raced it in Gran Turismo 3 (as Cote D'Azur) for the Super License test, it took about 20 or 30 hours before I beat the bronze time and got my license. I beat it by 0.001 seconds. Since then, I've learned to drive with more finesse. With the better pedal set, I'm sure you'll have more luck. One thing I have learned is, you're almost NEVER at full throttle. O_o
  17. DrDraken

    Update kerbs in F1 2020

    Both of these. Codemasters, I bet you could find a few coders who are geekish and determined enough to take on something like beefing up the realism factor and turning this game into the Pinnacle of Motor Sport Games. Please get them working on stuff like this.
  18. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    It took two full runs through P1 (45 minutes each) and (so far) one P2 to get to that point. And a LOT of replays to spare the team fixing another broken wing. It's rather telling that they have to use an entirely different steering rack for Monaco because the normal one won't allow the car to navigate Loews. O_o
  19. Oh my... get someone else on Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern - that one would be pretty sweet - even Captain America and his gang! @BarryBL is reading this and thinking, "Oh the licensing nightmare that would create..." 🤣 )
  20. Agreed. It would be awesome to have this kind of customization. Just being able to design something, and apply it to your car - and not just the standard built-in graphics. I mean, draw something, make sure it fits a template, then upload it and have the program "wrap" it around the car. I used to have a screen saver with a ball that floated around the screen and spun. It was a globe by default, but you could upload a different design to change it. I turned it into a golf ball. Please, Codemasters, make this a thing. Cars, suits, helmets... heck! Let us decorate the Safety Car for our own custom races!
  21. Aside from the Lotus 77 in black and gold, I think I might do "Joker's Wild" and do the entire livery in purple and green.
  22. Johnny! Yes! I watch Sky coverage of races, and Johnny is just super fun. And definitely have to agree on the underdog. It's just so much better to win when you're totally outnumbered.
  23. DrDraken

    practice programs laptimes

    I'm at Monaco (my worst track) with an engine that's on its last legs. It took me forever just to get the purple in the acclimatization. And a lot of that lap was luck. 🤣
  24. DrDraken

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    Ditto. It would make the game that much more realistic to have the drivers behave in the game the same as they do in real life.