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    A good starting point for wheel users

    Forgive me if this sounds overly simplistic, but are you slowing down enough for the corner? That corner is a bit of a pooch if you hit the curbs - which, in this game, are slicker than ice. I remember having a major issue with that corner. I found, once I nailed the braking point, and was able to hit the first apex perfectly, I had no more problems. Good luck!
  2. DrDraken

    Previous lap breaking markers

    One of the tricks to not using ABS is to remember that the car is being pressed down more at high speed, so brake hard initially, then feather off the brakes as you slow down. Also, if you lock up, but you're still travelling in a straight line, the braking distance is actually the same. It's hard on the tires, but it doesn't mess you up too badly, as long as you are braking in a straight line.
  3. DrDraken

    Why not a F1 racing school mode in the game?

    Totally agree. The driving school introduction was the perfect way to teach new people how to use the car. And it was fun to try for max points. Please, Codemasters, bring this back. 🙂
  4. Agreed. I remember seeing a billboard for McCain Deep N Delicious cakes one time, and it read "Now with BETTER Ingredients!" All that did was remind people of how bad it had been before. I highly doubt it sold them many cakes.
  5. DrDraken

    2020 damage model?

    BarryBL mentioned once that it would be looked at in "Future Titles." Whether that means an actual change for 2020, I don't know. We're certainly hoping.
  6. You're right. Unfortunately, the people who love this GAME are not necessarily the same ones who love F1 as a sport. And those people don't really care about uber realism. We, however, will continue to request a Sim Mode to be added to the existing "Mostly Arcade" Mode. 🙂
  7. There was a really beautiful ship built out this way a couple years ago, and there was a request for name suggestions which could then be voted on. Some great names were put forth. The winner? "Boaty McBoatface" Thankfully, they went with one of the other names, but they did name the Lifeboat that. 🤣
  8. Mid 70s. Same. My Aunt's house, playing on the floor with this beautiful creation. I honestly think, if I had gotten into racing at a very early age, I would have done well. 😎
  9. DrDraken

    F1 2021 Career Mode Ideas

    Great post. I love the idea of the Long Career mode. One thing, as much as I absolutely love the idea of existing drivers having cinematics and interacting with the player, it would cost a fortune to get all those drivers to come in and record lines.
  10. DrDraken

    Has anybody had this issue? RESOLVED

    Thanks for the tip. Also, congrats! 🙂
  11. I think Sir Francis Williams would agree. 🙂
  12. DrDraken

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Also here:
  13. When I was really young, I had a toy car, an open wheel racer. John Player Special Lotus 77 in black with gold trim. It was gorgeous. Not that it would be the Lotus 77 in the game, but the livery was stunning, and it would be awesome to recreate that.
  14. There would need to be a virtual mirror so you could see it getting closer, looming behind you as you approach that braking point. Oh no! He's gone too deep into the corner! The tornadette is upon him!! RIP. 🤣
  15. @BarryBL said that he can now stop calling F1 2020 "Future Titles." If you go through the forums and find all the times he used that term in relation to a suggestion or a request, here's what you get. Please note: MOST of these are not actual confirmation of any in-game features, but it gives an idea of some of the items that were looked at in the creation of the upcoming release. Apologies to all who made these posts. I haven't kept any names attached. If it was your idea, we appreciate it. Sorry for not giving credit. Regarding ERS improvements: For maximum flexibility you could keep the present system but just add CHARGE and HOTLAP commands plus HOTLAP on/off toggle during the race. Wheel users would love this extra control and pad users would probably be using auto and the manual overrides to keep it simpler yet still way more realistic. AUTO could be improved too and be TEAM MANAGED. Jeff would chime in (if you wanted him to!) and say WE'VE NOTICED A PASSING OPPORTUNITY SOON SO WE'RE CHARGING YOU UP /YOU'RE KILLING YOUR TIRES SO DROPPING ERS BEFORE YOUR IMPENDING PIT STOP. Or YOU'RE APPROACHING A LEADER /PACK OF CARS WE ARE GIVING YOU FULL POWER BEFORE THE FINAL TURN INTO THE STRAIGHT. In each case you could also have a PRESS TO CONFIRM OR IGNORE TO CANCEL. From BarryBL: "I've added this revised ERS format as a suggestion to the developers for consideration for future titles." For the bug of getting a penalty when cutting a corner during a SC or VSC: "At this moment in time, it is still something under review as with other SC behaviours for consideration for future titles." This one is the delay when mapping ERS and Fuel Mix to other buttons on G29: I've been struggling with managing ERS and fuel at the same time. The D-pad on a G29 is very annoying as it sometimes gets an up or down input when you press to the sides. I found out you could map ERS and fuel to other buttons but unfortunately it adds an annoying delay which still makes me look at the MFD because it doesn't register all the button presses I did... Is anyone else having this problem? "It is something in consideration for F1 2020 and, at this moment in time, released details on the game are limited. I'd recommend staying in touch with official channels with new features and additions in the run up to the launch of the new game." Regarding Multiplayer: After the release of the initial tidbit of information about F1 2020: "However, I can confirm multiplayer performance is something we are looking into." There was an issue with AI cars during a Safety Car: A short description of the problem: Some of the AI hit the wall at turn 15 whilst the safety car is out Platform you're on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): PC Steam Game Version: 1.20 Game Mode, including if it was singleplayer or multiplayer: Single Player Career Mode What happened in the lead up to the problem?: The safety car came out If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: Nothing "To update all, we've found reproductions in 2019, and are looking to update AI behaviours in incidents like this for future titles moving forward." An idea about more realistic/accurate ERS mapping: hey guys, as i mentioned some times here the actual ers system is not that great. to hold it short: have a look at the mclaren mp4-30 in iracing. exactly that is how the ERS system is like. you have 3 modes, manual, automatic and quali. quali. everything can premapped on automatic. on manual u have the possibility, well it's nessescary to adjust the stuff in the race and quali is selfexplaining i think. it just use all power, but u have to map it right, because if not u run out of ers after 1/2 lap. and u have surely the overtake button. u can program so many things like when ers starts kicking in for ex. on 67,5% throttle it starts to get in but not with 100%... its linear with your throttle... everything can mapped. just have a look at this and this is how i wish it would be in the official formula 1 game 🙂 oh and your settings influence your bbias and so on. that would be so awesome and i think the best u added in the history of f1 games 🙂 its a little bit to complicated to explain easiely here, but everbody who drive ever with that car will understand what i mean 🙂 BarryBL's answer (though not any confirmation, it at least went to the devs): " I can pass your suggestion onto developers for future titles." and further from BarryBL: "I currently cannot comment on future titles at this time, however, the suggestion of a more realistic ERS system is something that the developers will take into consideration moving forward." Regarding AI damage, the damage model, and penalties: I think developers should rework the complete damage system. Only front wing and front tyres is just not enough for a simulation. We need more damage options especially against AI... - underbody - rear - rear wing - side boxes - rims / rear tyres - suspension also we need rules to play online...if somebody is in the lobby only to crash into people, this guy should be DSQ and banned for a week or so... people should start learn to repsect each other and respect different driving skills. Again, no real confirmation, but: BarryBL: "However, I will take your suggestions forward to developers for improvements with future titles." Regarding AI Behaviour: BarryBL: "With regards to AI behaviour, it is something that is under investigation with the developers for future titles, as it has been mentioned by others users" Regarding weather: Will there be a patch so we can have the option to set weather in leagues? Its kind of a big issue, so we don't just drive the same wether every single session every race BarryBL: "We are looking at ways to add new features and improvements to Leagues moving forward for future titles. I'll mention this to the developers" Regarding starting a session with damaged components: I would suggest a useful addition into the game would be if a player is about it start session and one or more components are in such poor condition that they might not last the session then a warning should show on screen : TEAM WARNING - COMPONENT X IS BADLY WORN AND SHOULD BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY PRESS A TO CONTINUE OR B TO ENTER SETUP AREA This warning could of course be toggled on or off in config so as not to annoy a player only intending to do a couple of laps but would at least eradicate ignorance of a poor car component! Again, nothing concrete, but from BarryBL: "Interesting idea, I think that would be useful. I'll suggest it to the developers for future titles" Regarding weather and Race time: Great stuff @BarryBL When will the ability to change the weather and ability to change race time of day (day/night) be added to leagues? BarryBL: "These features are still something development are looking into as further additions to leagues for future titles ." G920 buttons: When will you be implementing mappable Rsb and Lsb buttons, for the Logitech G920. BarryBL: "The LSB and RSB buttons are not standardised functions within the generic Xbox support for wheels. This has resulted in more challenges than originally expected. This has been raised with the developers and it is something we are continuing to consider for future titles." Regarding the request for official TV graphics: BarryBL: "We are working with the relevant people to continue to refine and improve our UI for real-life immersion and in-game playability for future titles." Regarding Live Season Updates and effects these may have during the season (huge post with great ideas, too long to include here): BarryBL: "Although this is not something that is in process for F1 2019 (as I believe I've mentioned on another post somewhere), new updates and features are heavily discussed with our development team for future titles." Regarding a Maximum Wheel Rotation option: I'm using a Logitech Driving Force GT and although my wheel is recognized Ok inside the game there is no Maximum Wheel Rotation Option in the setting under "Vibration & FFB" BarryBL: "I have also raised your question to the Development Team as a suggestion for future titles as having this as a concrete option (so with levels of degrees of rotation) might be useful for a lot of players moving forward." Regarding the DRS sign at the wrong location in Silverstone: BarryBL: "At the moment, as it is non-critical for the game experience, this is something that will not be updated for F1 2019. However, this will something that we will be looking to improve for future titles. 👍" Regarding changing AI strategies in F2: Is it possible for codemasters to add some different strageties for the f2 feature race as all the cars start on the same compound of tyre and then when they make their pit stop half the grid pit on one lap then the others who haven't stopped pit on the next lap whereas in real life some cars do different strategies like start on the primes to be quick at the end of the race and is one start on options and then put as soon as the pit window opens. BarryBL: "I can see how the switching of AI strategies would make it more interesting for the player. I'll raise it to the development team for something to consider moving forward with future projects." Regarding the blink rate of the red light: BarryBL: "We’ve taken your feedback to the dev team, and whilst this is something we are not going to be looking over within the F1 2019 cycle, we are going to be taking your ideas into consideration for future titles." Formation Lap Steering Animation: "When you do the Formation lap and the game takes it over again when getting to the start grid, the hand/steering movement goes crazy." BarryBL: "I have managed to replicate this and this has been passed on to the development team for them to investigate options for future titles." Now, I know that most of these are just "taken to the devs" but perhaps we might see less legacy bugs in F1 2020? And to BarryBL and the Devs: Please learn from the mistakes of other studios. If we are told that something is being brought to the devs, but that request is never actioned, and the bug remains a bug for months or years, the phrase "I'm taking that to the devs" becomes meaningless, and the trust between the players and Codemasters will be hurt. I've mentioned in another post about the difference between this forum and that other studio's - basically that there is much better communication between the players and BarryBL than I've ever seen in a video game forum. That gives me hope that these "taken to the devs" might actually be serious. Looking forward to the next iteration - and hopefully the beta test if I can get in on that. Cheers, everybody.
  16. DrDraken

    What HAS been "confirmed" for F1 2020

    Agreed 100%. I generally avoid online for this exact reason. I would happily play with friends or a group of people who actually want to race properly, but from what I've read, that's not normally the case.
  17. Ok, that's not actually a bad idea. The goal is to keep up with the ghost car, so if you can't, you get eaten by the storm. Love it! There would need to be a brilliant animation showing your car being sucked into a vortex or something. GAME OVER 💀
  18. DrDraken

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Yeah, just read the other post about the nightmare. Agreed! No jetskis. Or ghosts. Or crazy people. Or crazy ghost people on jetskis.
  19. Omigod! That's one heluva tale! And you're still sane after all that... how? Vitamin B1 is good for nightmares, by the way. I think your dream is a sign. A sign that Codemasters must address the issues with loss of power in jetskis on an F1 track while ghosting. 🤣
  20. DrDraken


    There's another thread on this already, and BarryBL weighed in on that one: "At this moment in time, it is still something under review as with other SC behaviours for consideration for future titles." So, nothing coming for F1 2019, but maybe 2020.
  21. DrDraken

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    I would love to join, though my schedule is extremely limited - I work 6 days a week and live 5 hours behind you. 😛 Any chance of a Sunday race? Steam ID is DrakenWolfe
  22. DrDraken

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Don't feel bad. I'm the same, though I certainly don't have your level of experience in the recent games. I just played F1 2012 for 7 years. Offline. 🙂
  23. zzzzzzzz... *snork* ... Um... huh? Sorry, I was asleep and having this amazing dream where I was playing Simulation Mode in F1 2069! 🤣
  24. Totally understood. We keep hoping for a "Simulation Mode" in addition to the current "easy to understand for the casual player" system. It would be a huge amount of work, as it would involve completely rewriting the entire physics code, modelling and likely most of the rest of the code, since this would be fundamental to the entire game. Unfortunately, Codies is trapped in the annual release h*ll. With the requirement to create a new game each year, it's nearly impossible to do any sort of "rewrite" before the next release is due. But we keep hoping.
  25. Exactly. Happens to too many games. One of my favourites was ripped apart in order to be sold back to the players over the next few years, and that just made a ruddy mess. The only way one of these "yearlies" becomes a classic is if the next bunch all suck, and people cling desperately to the old one because it's still good. 🤣 I guess we can just keep hoping that one day Codemasters will make their F1 cars actually realistic and include a Sim mode to go along with the arcade modes.