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    Deeper car customisation in My Team

    Absolutely. If we're going to be the 11th Team, and we're the owner, then we should certainly have some say in the design of the car. As the driver, you definitely get input into the wheel design. Have a half dozen options to choose from for each of the following (add to this list if you think of something else, please): Nose Side pods Barge boards Front wing Rear wing Engine cover Steering wheel In the case of the wheel, I wonder if it would be possible for Codies to give us control over the entire layout. There are certain things that are possible to be on the wheel, just as there are things that are possible to put on the HUD. We can change the HUD, so it seems feasible that the wheel layout could be changed as well. Personally, I love the way DRS is indicated on my wheel right now. One light says it's available, 2 means it's on. I never have to use look-back, so that frees up one entire button on my real wheel. 😛 Having the gear indicator on the wheel is essential to me. I sometimes miss a shift, and that affects how the car handles. If I'm turning at the time, I can't see the gear I'm in if it's on the car and the wheel is blocking it. In the end, it really comes down to choice. Having 5 or 6 different models or layouts to choose from would make more people happy. And isn't that what games are all about?
  2. DrDraken

    G920 or TMX

    Nice deal! Trust me, once you move up to the T300 (or better) you'll love it.
  3. DrDraken

    G920 or TMX

    Oh no. That's kinda crappy. Well, hopefully the new wheel shows up quickly. I got lucky; there was a dude here selling the T300 for about half the cost of a new one.
  4. DrDraken

    G920 or TMX

    Having just changed from a G29 (PS) to a T300RS, I would say go with the Thrustmaster. The G29/G920 has a nicer build, the wheel is leather-wrapped and nice features like that, but the T300 has significantly better FFB. And you can get different wheels for different types of racing. Not sure if that's the case for the TMX, but if so, it's a great feature. I picked up the F1 Add-on wheel and it makes a huge difference having access to all those controls.
  5. DrDraken

    ¿MANDOmejor QUE VOLANTE?y muchas mas cosas

    English forum, please use English. 🙂
  6. One of them hit you once, he got one warning. The other hit you twice, he got two warnings. But you got hit three times, so that's 3 warnings = 1 Penalty for you. Believe it or not, it seems the system is actually working correctly. But the system needs to take into account when you get hit, versus do the hitting. If it's impossible, then do what iRacing does and issue penalties for ALL parties involved. If X hits me, then X and I both get a penalty. The result? Everyone except trolls try to avoid incidents, and the trolls become very visible, very quickly. Then we just need a way to block the trolls from races.
  7. DrDraken

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    I just finished the race in the Netherlands, and the crowd gets ridiculously loud when you hit the pit straight. Sure, it may swell to a dull roar that the driver might be able to hear slightly, but we're in a cockpit, in a balaclava, with earplugs in, inside a helmet, with an engine a foot behind us. Please Codies, just give us a way to adjust all the sounds in the game.
  8. DrDraken

    TV-pod as an assist.

    It seemed strange to me that people would argue against this, as it is being suggested as an OPTION for online race lobbies. Then it dawned on me that there are a LOT of people who play with T-pod view who wouldn't be allowed in certain lobbies, due to this restriction. But really, how many lobbies would actually be restricted? And anyone concerned about being disallowed because they use T-pod, just make your own lobby. The fact that there is so much debate about the advantages of T-pod over Cockpit view should be reason enough to bring in this option.
  9. DrDraken

    More tiers on Podium Pass

    Don't penalize players who can't put in as much time. Just make it so players with more time can keep playing. 🙂
  10. DrDraken

    Ex F1 Drivers/Test Drivers as free agents?

    Spoiler alert: Alonso is no longer an Ex F1 Driver. 😉
  11. DrDraken

    Fuel gauge/Distance To Empty

    MFD page 1. Shows the amount of fuel you have.
  12. DrDraken

    TV-pod as an assist.

    There's an option to turn off the Halo.
  13. DrDraken

    Podium pass and game cycle?

    The one thing that always concerns me, even when the company swears up and down that "it's only cosmetic items" is the cost. I am all for supporting a company who makes a video game that I play and enjoy. To that end, I sometimes purchase the in-game currency when I wish to get some of the cosmetic items. The one thing I've noticed when I looked at the "Store" (where you can buy PitCoins, etc) is the prices are totally reasonable. It works out to about $2.50 for a car livery. And I'm in Canada, where the dollar is worth less than that white stuff in your bathroom! 🤣 To me, that's fair. Yes, it takes time to make that livery, and a developer or artist (or whoever) has to be paid to do it... but then it's done, and gets purchased by people from there on out. I'm guessing the ROI is fairly good. Other companies have introduced this same concept, with in-game items being $15 or more. Each. And to me, that's just greedy. But I think what @Flauxx is suggesting is a "Main Game" that you have installed on your system, with annual releases of just liveries, driver lineups, and tracks. I've actually suggested something similar in the 2019 forum. Most of the game does not change from year to year. There are tweaks, but if Codemasters knows what they're doing (and it's fairly safe to say they do) then the code is largely reused each year. That's smart development. But if you need to package that up as a stand-alone product every year, that gets more expensive and time-consuming. Even though we buy a "full game" each year, all we really get are new liveries, new driver lineups, handling updates (physics), track updates (world) and game features. Having a "Main Game World" that doesn't really change, with annual releases that keep it in line with the current season of F1, would potentially simplify development. The tracks don't change unless the code is changed to update the track or fix it (Suzuka bump). The handling doesn't change except to tweak it to keep it as close to realistic as possible. (2020 vs 2019!) The "world" doesn't change unless something is actually changed in the real world. (buildings, fences, trees, menus, garages, etc) So, create a world with all the tracks, physics, handling models, etc. Each year, update the look of the cars, update the names in each of those cars, and tweak their performance based on real-life results. Each year's "Career Mode" would consist of the calendar for that year, to match the real F1 calendar for licensing purposes, etc. New modes that involve other drivers and tracks, such as any historical races or rivalries, would be easier to implement as the tracks, etc, would already be part of the overall world. The main concern with this type of model is the cost to the consumer versus the ROI for the company. We currently pay a fairly standard amount for a game of this size and calibre. But in the end, what we pay for is Updated liveries, driver lineups, handling and performance updates, and game features (like My Team). Yes, we get the tracks and the buildings and the paddocks and the garages and ... but they don't change. So we're technically paying for something we already bought last year. The problem is, last year's version is attached to the stand-alone game called F1 2019 so we have to buy the new one, which means Codemasters needs to package it all up. If those tracks were part of the Codemasters F1 World, we would only have to download them once, then simply update that world with the new stuff each year. We, the players, get what we normally get each year. Codemasters makes the money they normally make each year. But the development time would (I think) be reduced because there is less to put together in time for launch. That means more time to spend on cool features and more realistic modelling.
  14. DrDraken

    New flashback prompt makes things worse

    I'm going to jump in here with another shameless plug for Driver's School. F1 2012 had it at the start of the game. You got to learn the ins and outs of an F1 car, how to brake into a corner, hitting the apex, accelerating out of a corner, DRS, ERS etc. If you did really well, you got contract offers from more teams. But you never got an offer from Mercedes or Ferrari in your first year. If Codemasters brought this back, players could learn all the things that: 1. Jeff tries to teach us while we're sitting in the garage. 2. Jeff tries to teach us while we're driving 300 kph. 3. Come up on the screen in the middle of a corner or braking point. Seriously, the system that has been adopted in the last few years is a tad ridiculous. Why would we need to be taught about DRS by our Race Engineer? Or ERS? Or oversteer? Or locking wheels? Why are there giant prompts that come up on the screen? I understand that the audience is not the hard-core racer, but nor are they all complete noobs. For the sake of realism, please bring back Driver School, teach us how to play the game at the start, then let us review that if we choose - instead of having it thrown at us in the garage, or on track, over and over and over.
  15. DrDraken

    Race/practice live with real drivers

    Well, we ARE the 11th Team, so ... Perhaps team up with FiA on a future add-on that allows access to the positional data of the cars during the race, so that can be beamed into our homes at the time, or stored for later, as you suggested. Can you say "Cutting edge immersion?"
  16. DrDraken

    Penalties are broken

    iRacing has a system that I believe should be implemented here. If you are involved in an accident, you get a penalty, regardless of whether you did the hitting or were the driver who got hit. The result? Everyone tries to avoid accidents, and there are a lot less incidents on track. Until that happens, or people magically develop a sense of decency and honour, I suggest joining a league. There are some really good ones, with fair drivers and stewards who keep the racing clean.
  17. DrDraken

    Race/practice live with real drivers

    Frankly, if Codemasters and FiA were able to implement something like this, just about every F1 racer-wannabe in the world would want to take part. It would need to be done on an individual basis, where the real telemetry is fed to your game and you "see" the other drivers during practice and quali. There is no way they could have everyone logging in to some server to do this. It would explode with the sheer number of people who would want to be "on track" with Hamilton or Ricciardo.
  18. DrDraken

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Yes. In all the forums that I've been a member of, this one has the best and most active Community Manager. Yes, @BarryBL I'm talking about you. For this, your computer audio settings may be too high for the headphones. If the signal is too strong, they will crackle and pop. Try reducing the master volume for the headphones and see if that helps. Edit: Just realized you may not be on PC. In that case, the headphones themselves may be the issue, or the jack where you plug them in. Dirty connections will also make sound crackle.
  19. DrDraken


    Almost everything is more fun with friends. And playing games is meant to be fun. Soooo, logically, being able to invite friends to Ranked races would increase the fun, thereby making F1 2020 a better game. Stands to reason.
  20. For challenges that require doing a series of things, it would be great to be able to select that challenge and see what's left to do. For example: Do a Grand Prix in 10 different cars. I didn't just start at one end and work my way through, so I couldn't remember which I had done or not. Being able to see a list of what had been done would be very handy.
  21. DrDraken

    F1 2021 and onwards release date

    Codemasters has a year to create the game, regardless of when they start that year. The only thing that can't be done ahead of time is the appearance of the cars, performance data, and who is driving for whom. But with placeholders in the code, they can do everything else to get the game ready, then add the proper details once they are known. I agree that the game should not be released in a buggy form, but perhaps they simply need to plan the time better so it's not always a crunch at the end. As someone with a project management background, it sounds like Codies is letting milestones slip during those 365 days, hoping they can catch up before release date. Or someone doesn't know the Golden Rule of project management: Figure out how long it will take, then double that. 😛
  22. For me, the only problem with 25% races is the same as 5-lappers. Some wonderful person follows you around until the last lap, then overtakes in the straight and slams you into the wall, bounces off and continues on merrily to the finish line. If that happens after 4 laps, it's very annoying. If that happens after 17 laps, I'd probably eat my steering wheel. 🤣
  23. DrDraken

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    In that case, you should submit a bug report in the Bugs section. You're right that you should not get a penalty if you get knocked off the track. But in order for Codemasters to fix it, they need to know about it, and with as much data as you can give them. Screenshots and videos are very helpful because they help the devs recreate the same situation, and in turn, fix it. Oh, and the AI are above the law. They drive perfectly, so why would they ever need to get a penalty? 🤣
  24. DrDraken

    The biggest problem in f1 2020: tracklimits

    Perfect example: In Austria, Lewis and Valteri were told to stay off the kerbs due to sensor issues. So they stayed off the kerbs. They only lost a tiny bit of time. These are the best drivers in the world. The FiA sets the limits at the start of the race weekend so every team knows exactly where they are. The drivers follow those The game can't do that. I'm sure it can be updated as time goes on to make it closer to what was used in real life, but for now it is what it is. As so many others (including myself) have stated: Every driver in the race has the same rules to follow. The driver who can get to the finish line the fastest, with the fewest penalties, is the winner. In the game, and in real life. The secret to being the winner is learning how to drive that fast, without getting penalties. TRL Limitless is but one example of that. Even Charles Leclair admitted that "Limitless is quick." (on stream) Until we're that good, however, we get penalties, or we drive a little slower and stay inside the lines. If someone feels like the limits are too strict, then a few dozen laps around Time Trial will probably help a lot. That's what I did when I started league racing. My league uses strict track limits, so I practice with strict track limits. There are corners where I used to cut and get away with it. Now I can't. I have to relearn those corners. So be it. Every time I thought the game was buggy, I checked my alignment on track, and sure enough, I was over the white line with all 4 wheels. Sometimes only a half-inch. But that's the rule. Yes, it's different from real life. It has to be. Until Codemasters can update the game to reflect what was actually used in real life at each track, and the code can get sophisticated enough to determine when - and when not - to hand out a penalty, the white lines are your limits.
  25. DrDraken

    Car Customization

    No. The designs are based on this year's real cars, and are "set in stone" due to licensing.