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  1. DrDraken

    Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel

    Same. Logitech wireless. On a previous version of Windows, if I left the receiver in the USB port, the computer would crash on startup.
  2. DrDraken

    AI Agressiveness and "not following Racing Rules"

    The AI is a lot better than last year. Still more work to be done, but definitely an improvement.
  3. DrDraken

    Play as yourself in championship mode

    Considering we're the 11th team on the grid... doesn't that make us part of the Championship? By definition, we should be on the roster. 😛
  4. DrDraken

    Imported My Team logos

    I'm on PC, so I'll have to look into this. I would love to be able to create my own logo and upload it into the game. Won't work for consoles, unfortunately, so the OP request is still valid. 🙂
  5. DrDraken

    VIP - Podium Pass

    Usually, you would receive enough PitCoins to buy the VIP pass, but there are issues that they are working on right now. Don't worry. You'll get them. Just not necessarily right away. Same with the Schumacher stuff, they're working on it. Don't buy it again. It will get sorted.
  6. DrDraken

    My F1 team in My Team is Awful, Love the challenge

    I have a G27 as well. Awesome rig. I got the G29 to have the buttons on the wheel. It was beautiful for a while. Then Logitech updated their Ghub software and it stopped working. As someone else here mentioned, you have to go into one of the setup files and change a line about the G29 from false to true. That makes the program install two additional directories. You then go into each of those directories and install one .inf file in each directory. Then Ghub can see that the wheel exists. Unfortunately, after I did all that and rebooted the computer, it was back to the same issue. After more research I found that the registry file gets changed by other games, and the Logitech software can no longer find it. It's like Ghub is looking for an exact line, instead of just finding the line with "G29 Driving Force" in it. Anyway, after changing the registry file, the wheel worked. But that meant that I could never play iRacing again, because that is what caused the change in the registry file. To use both games, I needed to keep two versions of my registry. As I wrote, it became a major nuisance, so I just got a T300. Haven't had a single problem since. Don't get me wrong. I love the G29. I just have limited gaming time, and after 5 nights of fighting with a wheel instead of playing/beta testing, I had to make the change.
  7. DrDraken

    How is the handling/ffb this year

    Maybe for you. My game runs smooth as silk, but the crashes... oh, the crashes. 🤣 But yeah, the handling is vastly improved over last year.
  8. DrDraken

    Multiplayer cheats

    As if I needed another reason to not play multiplayer. Getting run into the wall by someone, having my car destroyed while they bounce off me and keep right on going. Getting brake checked while drafting and getting a penalty for "causing a collision." Disconnections. Now cheaters (aka: people with no life, no motivation, no ambition, no courage, no honour, and no decency, who should have exactly that much of everything else). I'm glad the solo game is good. Anyone got a good league in eastern NA?
  9. DrDraken


    As long as you have a mic connected to your Xbox, you should be all good. In the controller settings, you can assign a button to "Radio" or "Voice Control" (I can't remember exactly what it's called). When you're on track, if you hit that button the other sounds will become quieter and you'll be able to talk to Jeff and ask about stuff. A menu also comes up that you can navigate through. I suggest doing it while you don't care about your lap time, because there are a lot of choices to go through, and it may take a bit to learn them all.
  10. DrDraken

    My F1 team in My Team is Awful, Love the challenge

    Is it, perhaps, a Logitech Driving Force? I had a G29 for 2 weeks. The last 5 days it gave me such grief that I replaced it. The issue was that the logitech software wouldn't detect the wheel. To fix that I had to manually change one of the settings files, which allowed me to install other system files that allowed the software to see the that the wheel was actually attached. And apparently the reason for this has to do with the registry entries being changed by iRacing or PCARS 2 (or possibly other games) and F1 2020 can't find the new entry. Royal pain in the aa...as I said, I changed wheels. The G29 is getting donated for research. 😉
  11. DrDraken


    The voice commands are specific things that you can ask Jeff. You have to assign a button for it, then just press that button while out on track. You can ask about stuff like weather, time between you and the car ahead or behind, etc. I don't think you can change anything on the MFD settings by voice.
  12. DrDraken

    Engine change

    Fair enough. If there's a bug logged, and it's not "With Developers" then you can always add data (unless it's locked). If you experienced the same bug, adding your data and screenshots/clips can help the devs zero in on the problem.
  13. DrDraken

    Achievement for fastest lawnmower

    Have you seen the lawnmower race between Martin Brundle, Kimi Raikkonen, Anthony Davidson, and Johnny Herbert?
  14. DrDraken

    Reset R&D if engine supplier is changed

    So be a team that buys its engines, until you decide to upgrade to a Works Team and build your own. Great idea.
  15. DrDraken

    Car Customization

    This really needs to become a thing. I can't believe we are the 11th team, but our car is handed to us "as-is" with no option to change any of the designs.
  16. DrDraken

    Better practice programs

    F1 2012 had Driver Training. At the end of each program you got a certain number of stars. The better your result, the more stars. At the end of Driver Training, your stars counted toward your contract offers. More stars, more contract offers. If they brought back something like that, it could evaluate your driving based on how you did in Driver Training, which would give you an idea of where you stand in relation to the AI. Then, as you get better as a player, you can tweak it upwards to keep the game challenging. But at least you'd have a starting point.
  17. DrDraken

    Engine change

    Did you log this as a bug?
  18. DrDraken

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    2012. Yup. Ant did the lap rundown during the video. 2012 also has Driver School at the beginning. Great game.
  19. DrDraken

    Car Setup Hotbar: Custom Favorites

    So if you're at Austria, and you create a setup and save it, it would be stored with "Austria" as the track data. Then, when you go to Austria the next time, it would appear as one of the "Favourites." Brilliant.
  20. DrDraken

    Proceed to next session

    I hadn't really thought about it in F1 2020. In 2019 you got your resource points right away, so there was a chance of getting another upgrade started between sessions. Now, you can't, so there really isn't much point in going to the trailer. Adding the choice to Go directly to next session, or Go to trailer, would be good.
  21. DrDraken

    F1 2020 Feedback

    For 1 and 5, you should submit a bug report in the Bugs section. Use the template or it won't be sent to the devs. For the others, I agree. It would be cool to have our logo and colours on our garages. Should also have our name on our garage.
  22. DrDraken

    My Team Contracts

    They could just allow you to pass on choosing a driver for up to 3 race weekends. On that 3rd, you have to pick. But that gives a few weeks to save for the driver you want.
  23. DrDraken

    Car setup screen "sorting option"

    This would be awesome. I know a fair bit about cars and setups, but not as much as I would like, and probably not even enough to make setups in F1 2020 without a bit of trial and error. I agree that the driver should understand the workings of the car, but not to the extent of saying, "Please add exactly 0.01 degrees of rear camber, and -0.02 degrees of front toe." Instead, "The car is unstable coming out of corners," and the engineer makes the changes to compensate. (But we should still have the option to do the changes if we want, in case the game's setup isn't what we're actually looking for.)
  24. DrDraken

    VIP - Podium Pass

    Blue banner at the top of every page. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/53-f1-2020-online-services-update-completed-read-me/
  25. DrDraken

    My Team - My Grid - My Game

    K... that's just whacked. Please, Codies, let us change the grid after the game does ... THAT!