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    * NEW FEATURE * - Spectator Shortcuts

    A nice addition. Soooo much easier to switch between battles on the track. 🙂
  2. This may have been said, but it is something that I've seen some confusion on, so I thought I'd write a quick blurb as someone who has experience in the software industry, and specifically with helping find errors in the code. If you find something wrong with the game, the developers want to know about it. It may have been reported before (always search the bug reporting section for the same bug first, and add to that report) or it may be completely unknown. Regardless, the more information the Devs have about the bug, the easier it is to find and fix. Adding to an existing report gives more data that the Devs can use to zero in on the problem. Imagine there are around 3 million lines of code. I'm guessing, but based on my bit of checking, this is a rough number for a big AAA game. "There's a problem with the game." This means searching through 3 million lines of code, with no way to know what you're really looking for. "There's a problem with the AI." This at least puts the bug in a smaller part of that code, say 50,000 lines of code. (Again, these are numbers designed to illustrate a point, not be 100% accurate.) But we still have a huge number of variables to work with, and far too many possibilities to try to search through. "There's a problem with the AI when coming out of the pits." Ok, we're getting there. Now we're down to just the code that controls that part of the AI behaviour - say, 5,000 lines of code. But again, too many unknowns. Which track, how long was the race, WAS it a race or was it Quali or Practise, etc, etc. "In a 100% length race at Monaco, dry weather, full quali, no practise, standard start time, AI difficulty 94, playing as Hamilton in a Grand Prix (Monaco the only race). Lap 28, as I rounded turn 1 an AI (Vettel) coming out of the pits veered directly in front of me, causing a collision. Video attached. Version 1.2.3. Report code blah-blah-blah." When you provide this much information, and it's in the correct bug report format, it's much easier for the Devs because it gives them what they need to duplicate the situation. The key to finding a bug is being able to duplicate it. If you can't, it's almost impossible to locate and fix. I hope this helps.
  3. DrDraken

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Once you get the S's, and flick through them in 7th and 6th, you'll forever love COTA. 😛
  4. DrDraken

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Indeed. It's not my favourite track, but it's starting to grow on me. There are parts of the track that I used to really not like - the blind corners haunted me while the S's laughed at me. And it didn't feel like there was much flow to it, despite having all the key components of a great race track. But I was driving it all wrong. I was trying to drive it like the tracks it resembles. And because of that, MY flow was off, and my speed suffered and my enjoyment decreased because it was more frustration than anything else. So I applied the various bits of race craft that I know to it. The S's are like Suzuka - hit 'em right and you fly through, miss and you lose a lot of time. The key was first to stop thinking of it like Suzuka, and to find the exact turning point and speed to start the first S in order to carry that speed through to the end. I used to be down in 4th by the long right-hander that ends the S's. By the time I got it right, I was in low 6th, dropping to 5th for the added turning. You really can fly through there. The same with the double-right-handers and hairpins to long straights. There are keys to getting through these as fast as possible. It's a technical track, to be sure. But because it's so open, it doesn't appear that way at first. It's a bit of a paradox in that respect. When you attack the course with that in mind, you start to see how each part of the track links with the next. And once you do, the track's flow starts to really emerge. And when all the bits fit together, it stops being a copy/paste of other tracks and becomes a great race track in its own right.
  5. DrDraken

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    When I get some time off, and I'm available, I definitely want in on this. Please. 🙂
  6. DrDraken

    Idea for MyTeam Mode

    In essence it wouldn't be any different than we have now, in terms of programming. We already have all other teams doing their own R&D, etc, so it would be a matter of "assigning" your MyTeam as an AI team, and the other AI team would be under your control. It would be interesting to see what the game would do with your team, and it's entirely possible that they could end up on top, and you could then try to get back into that seat. Cool idea.
  7. DrDraken

    F1 Open Beta

    It's very likely they have people they want on the Beta because of their experience or knowledge, but who don't have accounts on the forum. Known QA testers, for example, would be invaluable in something like this because of their knowledge in repetitive test procedures.
  8. DrDraken

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    74 out of over 10,000... somehow I don't think they're in front of you.
  9. DrDraken

    Is F1 esports Ready?

    I recently watched the Chinese Virtual Grand Prix, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. There were definitely issues. Lando got disconnected again (and after 3 disconnections, I have to start to question Lando's end of the connection) as did (I think) Giovinazzi later on. But from a spectator standpoint, it was enjoyable - especially with no real F1 going on. And in the end, it's the fans who make - or break - any sport. So what does a racing game need to be eSports worthy? (Note: this is my opinion based on 2 decades of racing sims and an insane amount of watching F1) 1. It has to work well. The game itself must be solid and stable. Frame rate drops, connection burps, etc - anything that directly affects game play - are unacceptable. If the game stutters for one player, and it costs that player any time, it can not be considered ready for any form of serious competition. It would be like having a running race, but one of the runners will have banana peels thrown at them during the race. 2. It has to be enjoyable to watch. The commentators play a large role in that, but on-screen graphics need to be representative of real life. Being able to do replays of particular parts of the race - during the race. Having race information appear on screen as it normally would - timing tree, investigations by the Stewards, penalties awarded, basically make it look like an F1 race broadcast. Simple. Right? 🙂 3. It has to be realistic. This is probably the most controversial topic regarding this entire franchise. Is it realistic? Currently, based on the feedback in this forum and from other players, no. There are too many issues with the car to consider the game "accurate or true to life" per the definition of "realistic." But setting aside Webster for a moment, what does "realistic" mean to the player? If the player feels that the car behaves in the game the way they would expect it to in real life, then that is realistic. If you get onto the grass, expect less traction - but it needs to be like hitting real grass. If you graze a curb on a high speed corner at 200 mph with 1300 kgs of downforce, you shouldn't suddenly lose all traction and go into a forever-slide as if your tires have turned to molten rubber. (Or does that really happen to an F1 car? I've never driven a real one, unfortunately.) In this case, trying to model an F1 car - the most technologically advanced racing car on the planet - would require some extraordinary coding. My friend created the entire physics engine behind "Bass Pro Fisherman." That's a lot easier to simulate than all the workings of an F1 car, and even it was a rather complicated affair. But how complicated do you need to get? (Remember: uber realistic = complicated = expensive) Does the car need to have fully modelled tires, brake rotors, and every tiny bit of the barge boards, wings, etc? If you want to create a perfect simulator - and consequently charge thousands of dollars for it - then yes, go ahead and model the heck out of it. Make every surface as perfect as possible. Recalculate the loads on every point as many times per second as possible. And the vast majority of gamers wouldn't even notice. Heck, I would say a large number of the players of this game probably don't even have a driver's license, let alone driven at breakneck speed down a mountain road in a beat up Ford Courier that wasn't even fit for a parking lot. (fun story) However, despite the lack of "valid opinion about driving realism" they do buy video games. Lots of video games. And to them, the game is probably good enough. So, from a company stand-point, F1 2019 is wonderful. It sells in large numbers and most players enjoy the game. But to an eSports driver? Based on the feedback from hardcore fans in this forum, and out in the press, there's too much "video game" in the game, and although it's close to realistic most of the time, there are definitely areas that need to be addressed. Opinion: No professional driver should ever have to "learn to game the game" in order to be a successful eSport Race Driver. In other words, they should not have to learn the exceptions that would cause the car to slide or spin, or the "cheats" that allow you to get a faster time because the game "doesn't notice" (like being able to cut certain corners more than normal). The game should be close enough to reality that a pro driver can play and not feel like it's "a game." However, opinions aside, this IS E-sports we're discussing here. And by definition, they ARE games. So how to proceed? Codies is set on making this an eSports game. I think that's fantastic. But to me, the game isn't ready. There are too many issues with the car and the environment that are too far from "true driving." A curb that is ultra-slippery and causes an immediate slide - which itself goes on forever - is not realistic. However, on a positive note, I do believe the game is very close. If Codies can iron out the things that are still plaguing the driving - car handling, curb issues, etc - then I think they'll be in good shape. The casual gamer would still love it. Codies would sell lots of copies and stay in business. Yay! The hardcore racers would love it because it would be a realistic experience. Yay! The experience of driving an F1 car would be as close as virtually possible - short of creating a full simulator. So, in summary: If Codies insists on making the F1 franchise an eSport, the car needs to respond in the game as it would in real life. As perfectly as possible. Otherwise, you're asking Pro Drivers to "game the game" in order to win. It doesn't matter how that accuracy is accomplished - modelling of every part of the car and track, or just really good code that relates the car to the track and feeds that back to the driver. As long as it's 100% accurate (or as close as possible) then the end result is a great driving experience. And if you actually read all the way to here, thanks!
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    Irrelevant posts and the Ignore button

    Just because they don't have a long-standing forum account, they may still have the needed experience or skills that Codemasters is looking for. Someone with a few years as a software quality control tester would be invaluable in this kind of thing, but they may be new to the forums. Or they may have been playing the games for years without creating an account here until recently.
  11. DrDraken

    Can the formula 1 game have two versions?

    You may be right. I may be crazy. Sorry if I just got a song stuck in your head. 😛 I suppose the biggest issue is always going to be licensing, isn't it? Stupid money. Always getting in the way of good ol' fun! 🤣
  12. DrDraken

    Can the formula 1 game have two versions?

    I made a suggestion in a different thread about having a "permanent game world" that consists of the tracks and paddocks and crowds and other not-changing stuff. The only thing that would change would be the cars and drivers. If these were designed in such a way that they just "fit" the game world, then they can be loaded in and out with ease - ie: no major programming changes needed. Each year, Codies releases the latest lineup of cars and drivers, just as they do now. But the older stuff wouldn't have to just go away, as it would already be part of the game world. Loading a car from a past year would be simply a matter of loading that car and driving. And designing one of the historic cars in the game would be a matter of creating it (which is the majority of the work) and integrating it into the existing world. Future renditions of the game would simply be the updated cars, drivers, and liveries. Anything from the past could remain, as it wouldn't need to be reprogrammed for the new version. Ok, I know none of this is simple in any way, shape or form. But you know what I mean. 😉 The biggest problem would be creating the initial world, which would probably take years of development. But if they did, then the copy/paste could be used for the casual players, and a more formal F1 racing world would exist for the sim racers. Or, they could just do away with the copy/paste and create a new world for both versions. I'd be fine with that, too. 😉 And the game would be much more fit to be an eSport. Just saying.
  13. Yes! It's a nightmare to change ERS settings, but it's still a great wheel! 🙂
  14. DrDraken


    Says the person who then quotes the entire message, including the videos. 😛
  15. DrDraken

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    That's the beauty of Vancouver Island. Not cold. Rains a lot, but not cold. And the summers are usually awesome. You just have to win the lottery to be able to afford a house. O_o
  16. DrDraken

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    Do not move to Vancouver Island, in BC. We once went 6 months without seeing the sun. Drizzly and crappy. And I'm moving back as soon as I can. I'm crazy, I know. 🤣
  17. Yeah, fair. I think they will. A lot of people still use it, and upgrading to anything better is a LOT of money. I know. I'm pricing a Fanatec setup, and will have to save for about two years to afford it. (Yeah, working in eastern Canada sucks.)
  18. Considering it's the best wheel that Logitech offers, I would be very surprised if it's not supported.
  19. DrDraken

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    Codies could have a competition for people to come up with the best "punniest" fake names. Bonus points for including a logo.
  20. DrDraken

    Gaming PC Build and Future Proof

    I built my system just over a year ago, and it's very much like what you have listed. Some differences, of course, but the main bits are about the same (processor speed, gpu, ram, etc). I have a Gigabyte Aorus board with Wifi (though I'm hardwired - wifi just as a backup). The main thing that I went with was a large box. I got a "midsize" case, but it's huge in comparison to my old "midsize" case. And this is a good thing. It's a Thermaltake case with 3 fans - 2 in front, 1 in rear. It never gets hot. The airflow is excellent. I run F1 2019 in max graphics mode and it doesn't even burp.
  21. DrDraken

    Orange army zandvoort

    Or, if Max is knocked out of the race, the orange converges on the track. Mwa ha ha ha ha!! 🤣
  22. DrDraken

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    Totally agree. And with such fine names as "Bill's Bakery" (cuz Bill, in the graphics development cell, really likes baking and came up with this great logo). Bring it on!! 😄
  23. DrDraken

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    This actually makes a lot of sense. The biggest limitation in this type of game - as involved as it is with FIA and F1 and all the teams and manufacturers - are licenses. Everybody wants to get paid. If the game wants to use something that a real-life team is using, they have to get permission, and that means meeting with lawyers - read: extremely costly. But if the "Mercedes license" includes the various and assorted sponsor logos that Mercedes uses in real life, then adding that when driving for Mercedes would be totally feasible. It's just a matter of ensuring that all the teams' graphics are included in the license arrangement, so they can be used in the game.
  24. DrDraken

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Keep in mind that the battery charges during the race as well. Lowest mode is harvesting energy, which recharges the battery. Part of the lap would be spent harvesting, and some expending. The trick is to find the exact combination that maximizes the battery power during a lap. However, as BarryBL alluded to, it's probably just best to wait until the game launches (or we get Beta access) to find out.
  25. DrDraken

    Blinking rate of the Red Backlight, F1 20XX

    From a code perspective, it would depend whether the added code (and use of resources) is worth linking the blinking rate to the speed of the car. Being at a constant rate means less going on in the background, but this honestly can't be a high strain on any system. 😛