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  1. Hi, sorry if it's already discussed, but i would like to put on focus on "the driver of the day" criteria that seems to take in consideration only how many overtakes a driver do and nothing else. For example in my last two ranked races that i won (with pole and fastest lap) with 1 lap on every other driver, the driver of the day was assigned to the second driver just because he did few overtakes than me. No sense for me. So please change the assignation logic. Thanks
  2. Hi Ender! I'm a user of this app since 2019 version (if you remember, I reported (on reddit) an issue about time trial ghost data tracking for the 2019 version 😉 ) so i'm very happy about your apps. Anyway, also with this version i've troubles with time trial ghost tracking : i cannot record any lap from rival/my personal best ghosts. I'm doing wrong something? I selected the "All drivers" option with no luck. Thanks, James
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