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  1. Ok, but Point 1: they definitely had F1 2020 as a base game for 2021, you can see that at many points of the game. SO they decide to let these options out of F1 2021. Point 2: In F1 2019 many of the loadingscreen-optins were missing too at release. Many players complaint about this, so in one of the first patches they edited them into the game. 2 Years later, the same dev-team are thinking "hey, maybe its a good idea the cut these options out of the game again". Its a shame that you have to stick to an AI-level for a session, unable to change it and restart the session. So you
  2. ok, Codemasters brought out the second patch. So far, so good. But why do we still have to wait for Codemasters to put two simple functions back into the game, especially after F1 2020 had these functions. Function 1: Tuggle Driver-transfers to mid-season an after a season, only after a season or completly off. Function 2: Change settings like AI-difficulty, Weather etc. on loadingscreen before going to a track. Both games, F1 2020 AND F1 2021 use the same engine, so I dont see a reason why it would be impossible to put these options in F1 2021. I Still cant und
  3. I think it was the same with F1 2019. When it came out you wasn't able to change the AI-Level and other settings not between sessions. The fans where so annoyed that Codemasters patched these options back in the game. Now two years later they try it again. But I don't know why Codemasters delete such options. I can't imagine that it would be such difficult for Codemasters to code it into the game, or do they only want to make a great game worse?
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