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    Fix i hope that you fix this problem

    We will a update to get. not on the friday. i have this problems yesterday. but i have sound problems for now think and i looking i in the campionsmodus and the Grand Prix modes but i have that problem not on friday but yesterday and Now i have a promblem i have over the start finish moter sound littel soft than the friday saturday and sunday softer the motor and public harder what is this? Codemasters and i looking only 100% race for this one time for testing but i have sound problems i have yet not time for the another% race ik kijk later i hsve need more time but 100% and i looking tyer is now faster hot and faster a old tyer i looking me car faster in de pits huh?
  2. MikeMiddendorp

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    I have the pitcoins i missing a few coins but i have all the levels and unlock and i pay level unlock with pitcoins and than a suprise you have compleet battle pas next season free battle pas i hear that
  3. Can wil play a demo for releas day?