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  1. It helped. Thank you very much you took time to post it. Appreciate it.
  2. Hello. Sorry for my english in advance. So, my old controller (dualshock 4 v2) has broken and i bought a new one (again ds4 v2). The new one seems to have sensitive problem. I can feel it in every other game using the analog sticks but in F1 it's massive difference. With Old one i could go smoothly in every turn but with the new I can't at all. I have noticed, when i was adjusting steering linearity, deadzone etc., I push the left stick only about 35-40% to right or left and it's already full steering. What I would like to know is, if you have the same analog spot for the full steering a
  3. Well, maybe now, when the EA are in the bussiness, they'll let us have it like this. For example in the nhl game, you can edit player's attributes and move any player to another team. But there are still all the official roster updates you can download.
  4. Yeah, it was annoying me. So decided to play f2 2020 season and Schumacher, who won the championship in real, finishes the races and qualifyings around 13th-16th place and has no points after 6 race weekends.
  5. Ps4 and xb1 were released on the end of 2013 if i remember right. So f1 21 is more like f1 14 in that case and the f1 14 was on ps3 and xbox 360.
  6. I don't work as a game developer so i don't know how it works. If they're too busy or they are not allowed to post bad news. Anyway, they probably know about this issue, because they've been tagged in this thread and communication is always better. Even to post the bad news like,, sorry guys, that's not our goal now, there are still more important bugs or issues left to work on,, would be appreciated more than silent. Anyway I don't mean to be rude or something. This game is lovely and I still enjoy it. But with real HAM and BOT stats I could enjoy it even more. PS, sorry for my english
  7. I really like the game but this OP Bottas thing kind of ruin my immersion. Still hope they will fix it. That would be great.
  8. Still got the same problem even after the update.
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