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  1. Hamrr10

     technical failure

    Really good idea. Thanks for inspiration.
  2. AI doesn't make mistakes, no crash, nothing. You don't get any mechanical failures, while AI does. Too much Rain in career mode. About the multiplayer players, I found recently group of guys from my country and it's perfect. We got full grid, nice and clean racing as it should be.
  3. Hamrr10

    AI difficulty

    Sure it's not the same. No tyre wear, hotlap mode whole lap i guess. But i think, when you accelerate the time in session, the lap times are quicker. I do not accelerate the time during Q and the Gap between these two times is similar to Gap between my TT time and Q time with tyre wear and ERS consuming. I know it's not perfect, but i know roughly how quick i can be comparing the AI on any track. And so far, it works for me.
  4. Hamrr10

    AI difficulty

    I do Time trial, set official day time with car which i have in the career and i go usually 10-15 laps (until i go consistently) and get the fastest lap. Then i go to grand Prix mode, set no practice, short Q, race doesn't matter, clear weather. I only accelerate time (haven't tried to skip the Q session) until the end of the Q to results. And my TT fastest time should be where i actually want be. Usually looking at my teamate's time in the Q results, which should be similar to the mine one from TT. At least for me it works.