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  1. I’m absolutely horrible on the game (still) and I switched to a wheel a few months back so I understand your pain. I turned all the assists off also and here’s what I’ve found helped me adjust and get a little faster. 1. The brake pedaI: really had to spend time calibrating my brake pedal and modifying the resistance/travel to my liking and that alone made a huge difference. 2. Knowing the breaking zone: I tuned off the racing line and what I did was watched YouTube setup clips of each track because most content creators do a lap breakdown that covers breaking zones with their setup
  2. Yeah I answered Chassis on everything except ERS on one. I’ve added one front downforce upgrade and I’m in the walls everywhere on Baku. I’m horrible and this damn car isn’t helping one bit 😂
  3. Indeed but at the expense of making myself a fool. Funny how often that happens to me 😐
  4. You are correct good sir and it is actually I that is a joke in this circumstance. I must’ve hit a button on my wheel to change it to casual mode……I’m an idiot 😂
  5. Seriously I cant even play the game its shifting and steering into walls its crazy. What a fkn POS this game is.
  6. Playing My Team and out of nowhere can’t control the car and it’s shifting and steering into walls on its own. This game is TRASH!
  7. It really isn’t unreasonable to expect something that you paid for to actually work.
  8. How hard is it to actually fix glitches and not just break S year after year? It’s crazy how video games have legacy glitches year in and year out and new/more stuff is broken when the game gets released. It’s like video games are just purely beta versions 100% of the year with no plan to actually eliminate the bugs and just keep introducing more.
  9. EA are notorious for focusing on monetizing and useless features/modes/pretty much anything but actually making a better game. EA destroyed the Madden franchise and turned it into trash thats so glitched with legacy issues it’s laughable so I don’t have much faith that the true core users/loyalists of the F1 series will be treated any differently.
  10. Gotta be honest I knew that all the hype of a story mode and the sale to EA was a terrible sign of things to come. It’s crazy the lack of effort put into the core modes and to the core elements of the game imo. I’m afraid this year is gonna be a complete wash and hopefully the team is hard at work on 2022.
  11. I practically fell out of my chair laughing when I heard the voice for the main character’s mom in Braking Point. I mean Really? It sounds like a woman in her 70’s with some accent I cant even tell where from. In terms of the ratings, if they actually do anything I’d love to have the ability to manually adjust these prior to starting a new Career because they’re just completely fkd up imo.
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