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  1. Here's the new link https://discord.gg/5HDznJ Thank you for joining. 🙂
  2. @BarryBL I have a report code for you from the last race. Report Code: REHM-ESGC-DMVK-HAEE
  3. This game is so embarrassing that it can madden people. Not being able to play a race just for fun is both upsetting and disappointing. Developers, please make this game playable. You can not develop this game in any subject by painting the eyes of people by showing glorious features every year. Please fix this damn game, so people don't be aggrieved. As a player, I want a game with good dynamics and internet connectivity, not bad improvements like career mode or "look we added my team features bla bla...".
  4. Hi @UmairR25 welcome to the French Giant Renault Team 😄
  5. I changed my forum name with the same as Steam ID to avoid confusion and so to picture too. 😄
  6. yeah but my steam id is Saruman whereas forum nickname is Dolmetscher sorry for bothered you
  7. @BarryBL i think you gave my 1 point to @sarumyan 🙂
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