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  1. TO87

    (Pad player) losing time in corner exits

    Well, that's a huge difference. Had to increase the difficulty level with about 4 points. Thanks for the advice! I did a GP weekend like this in my team and had no issues whatsoever to complete the tyre management program in purple.
  2. TO87

    (Pad player) losing time in corner exits

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Will have a go at this asap!
  3. Hi all I play with a pad and have ABS and traction control on for assists so I'm not a sim genius at all. What I do notice is that I always lose time coming out of corners: the car in front of me pulls away or the delta goes down. I'm aware of the 'slow in, fast out' principle and try to me as smooth with steering and throttle as I can but I always lose time on corner exit. Does anyone have any tips to counter this? Thanks.
  4. I have to drop my AI difficulty by 20 to even be remotely able to compete with the superhuman amazing AI who doesn't appear to feel the rain at all. Yes, you have to be smooth in the rain. But how on earth are you supposed to be smooth with a pad?
  5. TO87

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Is it even possible to beat this superhuman AI in the wet using a pad? I have to lower difficulty by 12 to even be remotely able to compete with the AI. Absolutely gobsmacked by this imbalance.
  6. TO87

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Interesting topic! But wow, then I honestly can't believe how bad I am at this game. I bought F1 2019 after owning F1 2012, so not my first rodeo, also not my first racing game at all. Agreed I'm still learning but currently I just can't compete with the AI if the difficulty is 75 or higher. I was thinking of getting myself a racing wheel (although I don't have a desk to put the wheel on, I just game in my living room and I'd get a hernia if I put the thing on my coffee table) because in my opinion racing wheel users have an advantage when it comes to smoothness of the racing line in corners where you don't have to turn the wheel 100%. On the controller you have just 1 cm of space before you max out. But I bet I'm doing something horribly wrong. Multiple things.