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  1. Is it even possible to beat this superhuman AI in the wet using a pad? I have to lower difficulty by 12 to even be remotely able to compete with the AI. Absolutely gobsmacked by this imbalance.
  2. Interesting topic! But wow, then I honestly can't believe how bad I am at this game. I bought F1 2019 after owning F1 2012, so not my first rodeo, also not my first racing game at all. Agreed I'm still learning but currently I just can't compete with the AI if the difficulty is 75 or higher. I was thinking of getting myself a racing wheel (although I don't have a desk to put the wheel on, I just game in my living room and I'd get a hernia if I put the thing on my coffee table) because in my opinion racing wheel users have an advantage when it comes to smoothness of the racing line in corn
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