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  1. lMaru

    Looking for a flexible league.

    We could use some reserve drivers, that way you can be quite flexible and dont feel pressured to race in our league, however we do 100% races without vehicle assists on weekends, can you handle that? Contact me on discord if you are interested, Maru#9285
  2. Join our discord and contact me there. Weather is Dynamic.
  3. Our next race is Sochi, we only have a few seats available then we will start taking reserves only!!
  4. PMed you. Yes, join our discord channel and we will talk 😉
  5. Clean & Fast Drivers only Seats available, tomorrow we start with our first Grand Prix of the Season! If you have what it takes join us. Our discord, https://discord.gg/SVrrmuM
  6. Seats available, we start tomorrow with our first Grand Prix of the Season! If you have what it takes join us. F1 2020
  7. lMaru

    Looking for EU league on sundays PC

    Hi there, We do 100% races on sundays, saturdays we do quali, no vehicle assists, this is our discord; https://discord.gg/dpU5gDt
  8. lMaru

    Race - Pit Start

    Hello guys, I have looked around the forum and saw that nobody posted about race pit starts, I like to play as realistic as possible and would really love it if it was possible to start from the pits, is this something that could be added to future games? https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2019_sporting_regulations_-_2019-03-12.pdf Thank you for reading.
  9. If your internet is acceptable and you dont have teleport issues then yes. We have people from North America and no issues, most of us are in Europe.
  10. We are doing our final race this weekend on 2019, join us as a reserve driver!
  11. Title says it all! Clean & Fast Drivers only! ** Seats are back open, join our discordhttps://discord.gg/SVrrmuM
  12. lMaru

    FIA Rules - Safety Car Restarts

    On both occasions I was above 100 km/h, however, Verstappen has been doing slower speeds last year see the video below.
  13. lMaru

    FIA Rules - Safety Car Restarts

    I am the organizer, I decided not to give any penalty because the game has not implemented this rule, however from now on everyone on my league knows that, that, isnt allowed. I do have videos of it, if codemasters need it in order to solve or implement a solution I can upload it. I agree, it needs to be fixed. Thanks for your replys.
  14. Hello guys, On the F1 2019 game, after the safety car has left, drivers are given the green flag to resume the race, however the leader controls the pace and there should be no overtakes until drivers cross the control line. I have had this in my league where I was the leader and the guy behind me overtook me before the line and got no penalty, below I will show you the rule where it says that; "No driver may overtake another car on the track until he passes the Line (see Article 5.3) for the first time after the safety car has returned to the pits. The race will be deemed to have started when the leading car crosses the Line after the safety car has returned to the pits." https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2019_sporting_regulations_-_2019-03-12.pdf Also, if I get hit from behind I get a 5 seconds penalty, as if I brake tested someone.. even though I have not crossed the line nor braked. I wish I could participate in the 2020 Game Beta and contribute in order to make F1 as realistic as possible according to the rules. Thanks for reading. Maru
  15. lMaru

    Connection to Leagues

    Got the same issue, have you found a fix for this?