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  1. writefree

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Did it default to legacy re-projection for you? Never thought to check this myself
  2. writefree

    VR FAQ & Performance

    what spec pc do you have out of interest?
  3. Would be great to know if they are - myself and other's here are more likely to buy the DLC. Can't speak for all but if I knew the plan was to continue to work on the VR support, I would happily support development by buying the DLC.
  4. writefree

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Running the Steam VR version here 3700x + 16GB RAM + 2070RTX Currently playing with settings but found a big win I thought I'd share. The game seems to ignore running in windowed mode when you launch in VR and also runs at native res (again on the monitor) - despite telling it otherwise in the settings when launching the non-VR version. Set set fullscreen="0" and the resolution on that line to 640x480 - I saw a big improvement in performance in doing this ~20% Also a big annoyance is the pop in - you can fix this with <ground_cover clutter="true" enabled="true" lodScaling="0.9" /> - it defaults to 0.25. and upping it doesn't seem to hurt performance. Another big thing is forcing motion smoothing on in the Steam UI - as others have said it works to good effect. Still tweaking but running these settings someone suggested on the Steam DiRT Rally 2.0: VR FAQ & Performance Guide. MS off AF16 Shader high Texture ultra Reflect low SS reflect off Shadows medium Night light high Ambient OCC off off Particles medium Blending off Weather high Crowd cloth mirrors off Vehicle detail track object ultra Trees medium Ground cover low Skid god chromatic bloom on Light streaks replay Lenses dust on Running all of this at 80FPS and I get big spikes esp at night in the rain. Motion smoothing does remove this but I'm still hoping another patch is on the way... To add, I tried the settings suggested in the first post in this thread but it makes the game look awful. Setting the shader to anything but high kills the enjoyment and makes it look like a PS2 game.
  5. OK thanks for the reply. Are there likely to be any more patches for the Steam VR version? It seems like there's some easy wins, like defaulting to lower (and windowed) display resolution + settings for that view. I've posted some related detail here
  6. I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam specifically to play in VR with my new Index. Outside of being disappointed with performance (3700x, 16GB RAM, 2070 RTX), I now learnt that the Oculus store version gets all the GOTY content for free. Doesn't seem fair really - there was no notice that I should be buying the Oculus version if wanting it for VR when I bought it on Steam. Normally I don't have to research what store to buy a game from... what gives?