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  1. You can bind handbrake and/or gear up/down to H-shifter. It works without issues in game. Those "lack of realism" issues mentioned are present of course but for budget solution i think its viable, especially if you think you could have other usage for that H-shifter also. For example i for now use Logitech H-shifter as follows. "Rubberband mod" added so the stick always returns to neutral. Gear Up binded to 4th gear, Geard Down to 3rd gear. On top of that, Handbrake binded to 2nd gear. Might sound little crazy at first but actually its pretty fine after got used to it. Definitely better than having handbrake in some odd button, or in paddle etc. EDIT: However if you are looking for only handbrake usage and have no need for H-shifting capabilities then I would look for actual handbrakes instead. I haven't found any budget friendly ones yet but if you have a little bit DIY mindset I think building some kind of arduino+potentiometer based handbrake is not that crazy idea. Actually thinking about that myself atm.
  2. Kiardon

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Problem: Cannot connect to server at all. Duration of problem: 4 to 5 hours now. Previous problems: I have had very rarely any connection problems to racenet before and even when had those have been short moments only. Platform: Steam Country: Finland Following error appears when starting the game, before entering the main menu. And after that game isn't getting the access to the server either. Situation has lasted like 4-5 hours now and during which time I think game has gotten some connection to server for very short moment about 2 or 3 times. I can access Freeplay etc features that in fact should work offline, but even those work badly now and its starting to get really annoying. It seems like the game is trying to connect to server in many points when it should not be that necessary and those cause 1-2 minute delays repeatedly. I mean like most of the time when i just restart in freeplay mid-stage or move from stage to service area mid-stage etc. So basically in situations when there should not even be any need to upload anything to server.
  3. Same problem here. I did some testing with rivatuner to get useful data also and here is what i have found out: 1. The FPS drop happens in the very certain area. Its exact location is at the end of the bridge and its about 1-2 meters long. 2. Occurance of the problem is not fully dependant on the car speed. It happens even if you drive at very minimum speed. Felt stutter effect will be more violent when driving with higher speed though. At worst its so bad that it can lead to crashing the car. If you stop in that "problem area" the fps becomes normal, and drops again as soon as you start moving even very slowly. 3. Problem happens again and again if you keep driving over the "problem area" multiple times. And it happens whether you drive forward or reverse. 4. Problem seems to be the same in all the stages that have this spot and the "problem area" seemed to be same in reversed stages also. 5. GPU usage doesn't seem to rise during the FPS drop. 6. Graphical settings don't seem to have effect on the problem. 7. Different camera angles don't matter either. Basic info about my system: i5 4690K oc'd to 4,5ghz Msi GTX 1060 6gb oc'd to core ~2050mhz / mem ~9500mhz 16gb of ram Graphics settings are set and tested so that I normally have steady 100 fps with adaptive Vsync across 95% of the stages in the game. Just tiny and rare fps drops in some locations in the heavy rain. Scotland has been running fine expect just this spot which causes terrible stutters sometimes. I recorded video with rivatuner osd on. Recording added extra instability to framerate graph and the video doesn't show visual stuttering accurately but by looking at current Framerate its easy to see the area where this problem occurs.