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  1. Hey again guys! So i managed to get some super fast times during this event (03:20, 03:24, 03:42) - so its basically 1st, 3rd and again 1st place during the event. BUT! Still I was f'ning MINUTE past the guy who end up this event on 10th place, which you should be on to get this event done. ***? Is this some bug or what?
  2. Yeah, well thank you for the reply! But why make SO much harder? 😞 It's like 8 or 10 seconds less time for a player needed to complete those Finland stages on the 1st place, than it was before...
  3. Well its weird, but i searched a couple of videos on Youtube about this achievement and noticed that on a Very Hard difficulty there are some strange stuff. For example in a stage Finland 1992 my J.Clement (1st place guy) has a really good time - like 03:22 on a second race, while in those videos he had something like 03:29, i managed to get a very good time (03:24) but still couldnt get even close to 10th place. Was it some patch for a Flat Out pack or something? How to beat this race now? It it even possible?
  4. 3rd guys! 3RD DAY! IN A ROW! Ur servers dont work properly... And I even cant already take my money back! What a dumbs...
  5. OMG two days in a row, same ____... R u guys kidding us? Well, just in case u didnt know, its NOT funny at all.
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