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  1. That pic is from F1 2010, here's an example of what cockpit view looks like in F1 2013:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBMJs5r1eGM The difference is still huge.
  2. A new camera view: the cockpit view without the car, just the instrument. Like in Gran Turismo. OK, Why then you might ask. Because at least at present it is just a two-diminensional screen view and because of that it is not comparable to the real world, so, it's much more fair not to have the car in the way. (and the front camera view is to low.) If this isn't done at least change the cocpit view to see a bit more of the track. Compare those two photos from Spa in F1 and in Gran Turismo.
  3. This is the far most important issue: Create a realistic handling, physics, and force feedback model.In other words make the gamers with only hand control feel the g-force, like in Gran Turismo (yes there is F1 also). Watch the helmet on real life-TV in TV pod view as it rocks in all directtions. T H I S is what should be transformed into the F1-game ! Now it is like the car is hovering with no contact with the tarmac.
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