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  1. Gamepad this model. Please watch the video above. No problem playing GTA etc. I'm just having this problem in F1.
  2. Please watch below video. F1_2019.mp4
  3. I set this one for you this time. The situation is the same when it is 0. Nothing has changed.
  4. I shot a video for you that also shows the settings. Whatever I do, this problem does not improve. The f1 car never slides like this, but does not turn. F1_2019_-_GAMEPAD.mp4
  5. Thank you for support. GAMEPAD is active in this video. There is no such problem when playing on the keyboard.
  6. Dear All, I am having the problem you will see in the video with Rush Apache GBT 414 game console. Why is this caused? When I enter the calibration settings, when I do left and right with the joystick, the steering is -100 and +100. It always stays at zero when I try it on the keyboard. If I use it this way, the tires run out of 2nd round and the vehicle is not turning anyway. F1_2019_2020_04.08_-_12_38_17_01.mp4